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!! OMG, THROWBACK! Here’s a Christmas Fruity Pebbles commercial from 1989! !!

Nostalgia OVERLOAD! [dlisted]

NYC was warmer today than on the 4th of July. In other news: There’s not such thing as global warming! [joemygod]

From tucking to TODDLERS! Is Eddie Redmayne having a baby? [celebitchy]

Here’s A Christmas greeting from that smexy Matt Bomer and his charming family! [socialite life]

Judge pardons Robert Downey JR’s‘s 1996 drug conviction for good behavior [kenneth]

Does Gus Kenworthy‘s Xmas card prove he’s into older? [queerty]

Billionaire who’s hosting Ted Cruz‘s rally calls gays ‘demented predators who are destroying America’ [towleroad]

Model Lucky Blue Smith chats with Interview [ohlala]

Here’s 100 years of tacky-ass NYE style in one video (oh and an excuse for some model piece in his gonch) [boy culture]

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!! OMG, the trailer for Netflix’s FULLER HOUSE becomes their most watched trailer !!

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 9.53.57 AM

The other shows must be thinking HOW RUDE!! right about now, as NetFlix’s trailer for FULLER HOUSE, (their FULL HOUSE sequel show) racked up more than 5.5 million YouTube views in its first day, and has totaled more than 10 million views to date, making it the most viewed clip on Netflix’s official YouTube channel. WERRRK, Kimmy Gibbler! Check out the teaser which is apparently blowing bitches’ minds below!

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