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!! OMG, get ready to dive for catfish in Ani DiFranco lake AGAIN! THE L WORD is getting a sequel series !!

L Word

Hay, laaaaaadies! It looks as if every lez’s fave TV series is heading back to TV! The L Word sequel series is currently shopping showrunners and series creator Ilene Chaiken is on board as an executive producer! Yasss!

Original series stars Jennifer Beals, Kate Moennig and Leisha Hailey will return and also who exec produce. Should the sequel move ahead, the trio would appear on the reboot with their respective characters helping to connect to what is said to be a new ensemble of women, with viewers following their lives, loves and tribulations.

Are u excited for the return of Shane’s haircut and emo suitjacket that never left since the show aired? WE ARE! Also, hopefully now that more celebrities are out, they can get some celebrity cameos! Portia DiRossi maybe!?

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!! OMG, Disney will remove the women being sold off in the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ ride !!

Disney has announced (via the Disney Parks Blog) that a joke from the 1960’s about pirates selling off women is “no longer funny” and is being removed from Pirates attractions across the world, starting with Paris this year, then in 2018 in California and Florida.

The scene in question has been around since the attraction opened in Disneyland in 1967. It depicts a group of women on an auction and a pirate yells “we wants the redhead!”

So, Disney is turning the scene from one where the woman is being auctioned off, to one where she’s a pirate herself. The concept art depicts the redhead as a pirate doing the looting and pillaging as well. This is a great move because Disney will also be able to sell merchandise featuring the new female pirate (in a ride that currently, features only women cooking, smiling, dead or being sold off).

Many people believe this scene is one of the most iconic scenes in all the park, and that 2017’s hyper-sensitivity is to blame once again. What do you think, OMG? Is Disney right to change the animatronics?

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