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!! OMG. will ‘Will & Grace’ be heading back to TV in 2017? !!

Is Will and Grace headed back to TV? YES! Leslie Jordan who won an Emmy playing Beverley Leslie on the show, has confirmed that a new 10-episode season will begin shooting next summer.

“It’s back,” Jordan said. “Here’s the way it works: [NBC] has ordered 10 [episodes]. It’ll be for next season, so they’ll go in in July.”

NBC has yet to officially announce it’s moving forward with a Will & Grace revival, but after the success of their Clinton-campaigning reunion, one would speculate it only makes sense! An energy which will be much-needed during a time of likely forthcoming oppression!

!! OMG, LISTEN TO THIS: George Michael’s partner shares unreleased track ‘This Kind of Love’ !!

Fadi Fawaz, George Michael‘s partner posted a song from Michael’s unreleased album Trojan Souls, written with Sir Elton John in the 1990s but never officially finished this week after the passing of George. The love song, called This Kind of Love, includes the lyrics:

“This empty house seems to get colder and colder. So won’t you stay here with me?”


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