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!! OMG, this sh*t never gets old: What a model DJ does behind the decks !!


A couple of weeks back we posted a video of what actually happens when Paris Hilton steps behind the DJ booth to collect her multi-million dollar payday over a 3 night span. SPOILER: not much happens.

The gold just keeps-on-a-flowin with this ariel view video of some Model DJ tweaking the shit out of some knobs and banging on the CUE button during a song in this video below!

[via pulse]

» posted by Igor on Tuesday, September 9, 2014
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!! OMG, what? Me, worry?! It's the open-carrying, pro-gun picture book for KIDS! !!


Ever wanted to make your kids feel "more safe" before bed-time? Well now there's My Parents Open Carry, a picture book that can teach them how to be a open-carrying, gun enthusiasts even earlier!

The picture-book follows a "typical Saturday running errands and having fun together" for 13-year-old Brenna Strong and her parents, say the authors. "What's not so typical is that Brenna's parents lawfully open carry handguns for self-defence."

My Parents Open Carry is, say the authors, "written in the hope of providing a basic overview of the right to keep and bear arms as well as the growing practice of the open carry of a handgun", because "we fear our children are being raised with a biased view of our constitution and especially in regards to the 2nd Amendment".

"Our goal was to provide a wholesome family book that reflects the views of the majority of the American people, ie, that self-defence is a basic natural right and that firearms provide the most efficient means for that defence," they write. "Most kids aren't scared of a gun ... that's another good point this book tries to make."

First of all... that IS a good point! Come at us, bro! Kids ain't scared! Second... THAT DAD ON THE COVER! ... I mean, GURRRRL! Who you finna try with those eyes? That gun ain't gonna protect you from THE TRUTH!

I guess we aren't the only ones who find this concept ridiculous. The comment section for this book on Amazon is being punk'd harder than Rachel Ray's 'Late Night Bacon' recipe!

"This started out as a 5 Star rating, but quickly went downhill as the evening progressed," wrote another. "After saying our prayers to Jesus and Charlton Heston, I sat on the edge of my kids' bed to read them this book, when I shifted my position and accidentally set off my 9mil that was strapped to my hip, shooting myself in the thigh."

» posted by Igor on Tuesday, September 2, 2014
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!! OMG, learning from the pros: Want to see what really happens behind the booth when Paris Hilton DJs? !!

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 10.49.13 AM.png

Nostradamus once said that in the year 2014, Paris Hilton will get paid more than $350,000 per hour to DJ (or more than $3 Million in 4 nights) in douchepits like Las Vegas and Ibiza. He was RIGHT!

But have you ever wondered what really happens behind the booth while she's up there slutting it up? Which knob she's really busy tweaking?

Well, check out the video below which shows you just how good Paris is at multitasking with scratching and collecting kandi bracelets all at the same time! Basically, she's worth every penny and a trip to the free clinic!

[via pulse]

» posted by Igor on Tuesday, August 26, 2014
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!! OMG, Wuhan, China stays classy, opens casino for kids to gamble in !!


Luck be a LADY tonight? No -- not in Wuhan, China where the world's first casino for KIDS has opened at an amusement park where a sexy woman in a low-cut tube top and pink bunny ears will deal chips to your children for them to gamble away while you saunter off someplace for a beer!

Check out some more pics of the happiest place on Earth after the jump!

[[OMG there's more! JUMP IN and read the rest]]

» posted by Igor on Friday, August 15, 2014
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!! OMG, how to fail in business: Christina Hendricks' agent fired her ass when she took on 'MAD MEN' role !!


In a recent interview with The Guardian, Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks revealed that her and her massive cha-chas were asked to pack their bags by her agent once she accepted her role portraying "Joan Harris" on the show.

While she and her manager loved the script, her agency told her not to take the role of Joan Harris. "They said, 'It's a period piece, it's never going to go anywhere, we need you to make money and this isn't going to make money,'" she said. "They ended up dropping me."
OUCH! Yeah -- I'm with her agency on this one. Who wants an actress who's been nominated 5 times for an Emmy or who's out shooting campaigns for Vivienne Westwood?! How humiliating!

[via variety]

» posted by Igor on Monday, August 4, 2014
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