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!! OMG, we all grieve differently: Miley Cyrus sings to giant inflatable replica of her recently deceased dog Floyd !!

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 2.21.02 AM.pngScreen Shot 2014-04-07 at 2.20.34 AM.png

So Miley Cyrus' two-year-old Alaskan Klee Kai was allegedly killed by a coyote on Tuesday (I'm sure there are some terrible people out there who might make redneck jokes about that), and understandably she's very upset. Losing a pet is never easy. Though, when you have the kind of team behind you that Miley does, you can find different ways to honour your pet's life. You could try building a giant Pharaoh statue replica of your pet, but with glowing eyes and try serenading it in your bra, underwear and black and white furry chaps!

Personally, I'm totally down with this method of grieving... It seems like a far more productive form of it to me. And well, white furry chaps can really cheer anyone up! RIP Miley's Alaskan Klee Kai! You are receiving a king's honour here on Earth...


» posted by Igor on Monday, April 7, 2014
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!! OMG, drunken stupor - CAR EDITION: deadmau5 invites Toronto Mayor Rob Ford for ride in his new douchemobile !!


EDM DJ deadmau5 hit up Toronto's crack-smoking Mayor Rob Ford yesterday while parked outside front of Toronto's city hall, inviting him to come along for a ride in the musician's custom Ferrari (which looks like it was birthed and should be driven by Ryan W, and is decorated in Nyan cats and rainbows) deadmau5 has dubbed it the "Purrari".

Ford took time out of his busy schedule of supposedly running the biggest city in Canada to exchange tweets and get all cutesy with deadmau5. Check out their interactions after the jump!

[[OMG there's more! JUMP IN and read the rest]]

» posted by Igor on Wednesday, April 2, 2014
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!! OMG, RIP: House Legend Frankie Knuckles (1955 - 2014) !!


The world has lost an entertainment legend. The man known as the godfather of Chicago house music, mister Frankie Knuckles passed away suddenly on Monday at his home at age 59. RIP!

» posted by Igor on Tuesday, April 1, 2014
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!! OMG, deplorable! Arkansas superintendent defends decision to remove openly-gay student profiles from yearbook !!


"We must not make decisions based on demands by any special interest group." - Sheridan School District superintendent Brenda Haynes [towleroad]

The new floorplan for Lady Gaga's ARTrave [boy culture]

Some positive hump day news: Chris Brown heads back to the slammer [popbytes]

CATZILLA!! [dlisted]

Lance Bass opens his mouth and outs ded prez Theodore Roosevelt [queerty]

'I'm a great example of an amazing complex woman' - Eva Longoria keeps it modest [celebitchy]

Reese Witherspoon lookin' purdy in pink and ready to do the bend and snap [socialite life]

FOX apologizes for airing that peen on air [joemygod]

Military wife drops more than 100 pounds to surprise husband for when he returns [kenneth]

The Jungle Book goes cyberpunk [unrealitymag]

Model Chad White for Atlantic Men [ohlala]

Ones we lost too soon: The Top 10 Brittany Murphy Films [celeb cafe]

» posted by Igor on Wednesday, March 19, 2014
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!! OMG, crimes against the eyes and ears: Westboro Baptist Church cover Lorde's 'Royals' and post very unglamorous Vine !!


I've always thought that auto-tune was the work of evil forces, and this just proves it!

Westboro Baptist Church has been fast at work in their underground redneck bunker recording studio, learning Melodyne and laying down their hot vocals in a casual baseball cap and without a stitch of makeup on (kind of like Xtina does) for their cover of Lorde's 'Royals'. (If you want your ears to plead the blood of Jesus Christ, then go ahead click play below... seriously, I could only handle 3 seconds.)

Sadly, there's no filthy rap break from Shirley Phelps at the bridge like I was hoping for... they did however post a Vine (find it after the jump) from outside Lorde's concert venue after Lorde instructed her fans to kiss them, where the hatemongers showed off their latest ready-to-wear busted fashions. Gas-station-sunglass-tower-meth-head-ready-to-wear vibes all around.

[[OMG there's more! JUMP IN and read the rest]]

» posted by Igor on Wednesday, March 19, 2014
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