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!! OMG, hey Buckeroo! Republican Caitlyn Jenner has a message for President Donald Trump after revoking trans protections !!

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I have a message for the trans kids of America. You are winning. I know it doesn’t feel that way today or every day, but you _ are _ winning. You are going to keep on winning so much you’re going to get sick of winning. Very soon, we’ll win full freedom nationwide, and it’s going to happen with bipartisan support. For all our friends out there, If you want to be part of this winning side, you can help by checking out the National Center for Trans Equality and letting Washington hear how you feel loud and clear. (Link in bio!) Now…I also have a message for the bullies. You suck. You’re losers and you’re going to keep on losing. Because you’re weak, you pick on kids or you pick on women or anyone you think is vulnerable. Apparently even becoming the Attorney General isn’t enough to cure some of you of your insecurity. As proof that you can’t stop our progress, the Supreme Court will soon hear an important Title Nine case thanks to the courage of a brave young man named Gavin Grimm. See you in court!

UHHH, Duh! Sorry, but what the hell did you think was going to happen, Cait!? When it’s refugees and people of a different faith it’s cool – but when it directly effects you, then it’s go-time!? Ermm… WELL – at least Cait has seen the light! Is it a little too late? Maybe! But hopefully she continues to use her voice for good. Check out her video above!

!! OMG, grab the tissues, and maybe a Werther’s Original or two: Here’s Regis talking about how Kelly Ripa doesn’t talk to him anymore !!

Seeing a sad gwampy makes me want to grab a big stuffed teddy bear! 🙁

Check out Regis talking to fellow gwampy Larry King about how that hell-heathen Kelly Ripa just CUT Rege out her life!!! The nerve! By the sounds of it, he’ll never, EVER speak to her again. Hell hath no fury like that of a blonde morning show host!

!! OMG, quote of the day: Lena Dunham defends Taylor Swift for not speaking out against Trump during the election !!

“I just think everyone has to do it their way. When I was lesser known, I was like, “Who could not share their opinion?” Then I found out that when you talk about politics, people straight up tweet you the floor plan of your house and say they’re coming to your house. You have to fucking watch it because people are nuts.”

– Actress, writer and director Lena Dunham on people being critical of Taylor Swift for not using her massive reach to influence the outcome of the election.

!! OMG, and now a message to Kellyanne Conway from the first responders to the #BowlingGreenMassacre !!

A message to Kellyanne Conway from the first responders to the #BowlingGreenMassacre

Posted by Cole Escola on Friday, February 3, 2017

#NeverRemember the #BowlingGreenMassacre! Check out Cole Escola as one of the brave first responders to the tragedy that never actually happened! #AlternativeFacts #FakeNEws

If you want to give a donation to the the victims of the #BowlingGreenMasacre, follow this link. Make sure to click DONATE for the punchline.

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