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!! OMG, ‘Is Lady Liberty a man?’ FOX News worries France ‘pulled a fast one’ with trans Statue of Liberty !!

The comedy that the clown-show that is FOX NEWS brings is just NEVER-ENDING! Watch as they worry that France “tricked” the USA into thinking their gift of The Statue Of Liberty identified as male, when it may actually not conform to ANY gender at all!

The absolute HORROR of it all! Could there be worse things?! Definitely newsworthy stuff.

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!! OMG, someone named Boosie Flatazz claims TV is making kids gay, and get them pink dollahz !!

“Da Jetsons wasn’t kissin!” A rapper named Boosie Flatazz (not the name of an alcoholic flatbread) says the media is “forcing” people to be gay. He also says he doesn’t hate gay people, he KNOWS plenty of gay people!

All I know is Boosie has BAGGAGE, boo! Shit gets dark! Thoughts?

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!! OMG, in other “Are you trying to ruin my childhood memories?” type news: Here’s what they did to Chun-Li in the new Street Fighter game !!


In the ever-growing trend of people with a lack of unoriginal ideas making decisions — it seems as if the iconic female fighter, Chun-Li, of Street Fighter fame (you know, the one you’d pick as a kid if you were a gaylene) has received a DOWDY, AW HELLLL NAW type makeover from whoever is in charge of Street Fighter V. People are not stoked! Even nerds know her outfit is FUG! Don’t fuck with the classics! Hell hath no fury like that of a gay nerd!

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!! OMG, The US Senate blocks 4 gun control measures one week after its deadliest shooting !!


…annnnd who are the people we’re meant to believe are helping support mass murder and enable terrorism again? [towleroad]

RIP talented, chill cutie Anton Yelchin [socialite life]

Kelly Osbourne makes sailors blush while commenting on her dad’s affair [celebitchy]

Cali Democrats vote against new law requiring adult film stars to wear condoms in films [boy culture]

Nostalgic for a time before Grindr? Go to Havana! There’s only 11 people online [queerty]

Tom Delong of Blink 182 quit the band to focus on UFOs…. so… there you have it! [dlisted]

Crushing hard: Teen arrested at rally tells the secret service he planned to assassinate Donald Trump [joemygod]

Who’s got their nips out for free circuit party passes on the cover of your weekly free gay rags THIS week? [kenneth]

Iwan Rheon keeps its smexy I reckon on the cover of Bello [ohlala]

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!! OMG, gossip: The pioneer of the Bee-Hive hairstyle has passed away at 98 !!

Rest in fashion icon heaven! [kenneth]

Ryan Gosling pops up at a Neon Demon press conference for some reason [socialite life]

Kim Kardashian GOES OFF on Taylor Swift for ‘always playing the victim’, could it be possible we agree with her? [celebitchy]

BITCH GOT BOOED: The anti-gay San Antonio Mayor Edition [boy culture]

Gay couple arrested in Moscow after tribute to Orlando victims [queerty]

Russia’s entire track and field squad banned from Rio Olympics over Kremlin-backed doping [joemygod]

Christina Augilera release song CHANGE to benefit Orlando victims[towleroad]

AW HEEEEEELLLL NAW! The Spice Girls are considering replacing Mel C and Posh on their new tour [dlisted]

The new men of Chanel Allure Homme Sport ride longboards. Don’t hold that against them [ohlala]

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