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!! OMG, she blessed Canada: Amazon Mother Leiomy Maldonado !!

A highlight of our Toronto Pride was seeing vogueing legend Leiomy Maldonado perform at the Neon Overload ball. Leiomy pushes the art form and her body in all sorts of new directions every time she gets on the floor, and we were honored to see her in person. She was also a fair and gracious judge for the evening, and the talented crews from Toronto and Montreal truly turned it out for her and the rest of us.

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!! OMG, gossip: Lady Bunny to LGBTQ community ‘Let’s cancel gay pride!’ !!

Has she got a point!? [instinct]

Patti LuPone explains why she won’t perform for Trump: ‘Because I Hate The Motherfucker” [towleroad]

A gay Golden Girls could be on its way very soon [dlisted]

A real-life Transformer! YASSSS! [gaygeekfabulous]

Jared Leto doesn’t want kids right now, k? [celebitchy]

Charlize Theron and Halle Berry‘s ex Gabriel Aubrey might be doing it [socialite life]

Zendaya covers VOGUE [lainey]

Colton Haynes brings the buldge to ROUGH NIGHT [gay fleshbot]

Janet Mock‘s new book is out! [boy culture]

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