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!! OMG, are you missing an eye? Oregan kids find an eyeball in Red Robin parking lot !!


Police are investigating after some kids found an eyeball near the Gresham Station shopping center Thursday night which was found inside a transparent medicine bottle in a parking lot near Red Robin next to a pair of shattered eyeglasses, shower gel and a lighter.

Britt Hancock works at Red Robin and said a group of kids on a scavenger hunt for a birthday party found it. They alerted restaurant workers who called police.

“It just broke my heart,” Hancock said. “Because either way, if it was an animal or a person, it’s just hard to think of how to feel. It was just so bizarre.”

Police said they have not received reports of a missing eyeball, but the eyeball has been sent in for test!



!! OMG, his butt: Justin Bieber bares his behind on Instagram for all to see !!


The world’s most successful twink decided to break the internet by throwing his oversized boxer shorts to the wind, and posting this photo of his ass to his Instagram today. Check it out after the NSFW jump!

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!! OMG, gossip: McDonalds employee fired for placing his mixtapes in children’s happy meals !!


I’m lovin’ it! [kenneth]

Kimmy K says she’s not filling her face with poison injections while preggo [celebitchy]

Tennis pro Stan Wawrinka nude and on the court (NSFW) [boy culture]

Tweeted and deleted! Here’s Donald Trump‘s latest racist retweet [joemygod]

I had no idea who Spencer Boldman was, but bitch is topless and officially on my radar [socialite life]

Matt Dallas marries his fiancee Blue Hamilton (not a steak, surprisingly) [queerty]

Fallen firefighter’s family still trying to deprive transgender widow of death benefits [towleroad]

Instant Pudding: Here’s Henry Cavill being all smexy like without that patchy beard [dlisted]

Here’s some musc masc model piece modelling some clothes [ohlala]



!! OMG, WATCH: NBA all-star Kevin Love gets naked for ESPN Magazine !!

On April 26, Cavaliers power forward Kevin Love dislocated his shoulder while battling the Celtics’ Kelly Olynyk for a rebound in the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs — an injury he alleged was intentionally inflicted by Olynyk. As part of Love’s Body Issue appearance (on newsstands July 10), we spoke to the sidelined center about his body struggles, from being teased as a kid for being “doughy” to having to watch his team play without him in the NBA Finals.

Check out his barely clothed interview above and check out the pics after the NSFW jump!

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