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!! OMG, he’s naked: Justin Duncan from Big Brother 19 ‘Over The Top’ !!


Justin Duncan is one of the newest contestants on Big Brother Over The Top (You probably have no idea what that means, as a bottom) and he didn’t waste any time getting to ridding of his clothes on camera for the world to see! Check him out after the NSFW jump!

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!! OMG, the real ‘Feminist Bookstore’ of Portlandia fame now refuses to let them shoot there !!


In Other Words, the real feminist bookstore in which the skit is shot released a public letter from the staff last week denouncing their support for the show, citing the following reasons, among others [via ontd]:

loss of money due to shutting down the store (& neighboring businesses) for filming; Portlandia staff would trash the space & leave it a mess; contributing to the gentrification of Portland/displacement of communities of color; making light of (trans)misogyny; staff of Portlandia requested the BLACK LIVES MATTER painting removed from window, which the bookstore refused!!!

Oh snap! It’s too bad the show couldn’t find some common ground with the store or hear their concerns. Hopefully they sort it out! Check out some of their finest moments after the jump.

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!! OMG, gossip: Here’s what Justin Timberlake looks like under the wand of the Lifetime Network in that Britney Spears biopic !!


Don’t laugh! It’s good, no? Realistic. [dlisted]

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