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!! OMG, LISTEN TO THIS: The Johnny Jewel produced title track, 'Tell Me' from Ryan Gosling's directorial debut LOST RIVER !!


Have a listen to the hauntingly beautiful title track from Ryan Gosling's directorial debut feature LOST RIVER below! The song is called Tell Me and Chromatics producer Johnny Jewel says:

In the script, Rat sings herself to sleep every night with a hopeful lullaby.
It's her way of dealing with the pain of her surroundings, & transcending that heartbreaking dragging of time we all feel through the endless nights of our youth.
While we were working on the movie, Ryan decided he wanted to have Saoirse sing on screen.

» posted by Igor on Tuesday, March 31, 2015
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!! OMG, now you can play PAC-MAN on your very own street via Google Maps !!


Gamers, rejoice! You can now turn your very own neighbourhood into a game of PAC-MAN!

When you go to, you'll notice two icons at the bottom left, one for Google Earth and the second for Pac-Man. Select any city you want, then click the Pac-Man icon to start playing in a section of the city. I've tried it with both Washington, D.C. and San Francisco, and each time I got a different level corresponding to a part of the city.
Perfect for all your PAC-ers out there!

» posted by Igor on Tuesday, March 31, 2015
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!! OMG, holy rabbit holes! Are there secret tunnels underneath the Playboy Mansion? !!


Are there tunnel buried deep beneath the grounds of the Playboy mansion that lead to former celebrity neighbours' homes? Possibly, according to a series of blueprints that surfaced this week! Via Gawker:

Magazine staffers claim they discovered excavation photos taken in the 1970's and eventually found tunnel blueprints stored in the Mansion basement purporting to lead the (now-former) homes of actors like "Mr. J. Nicholson," "Mr. W. Beatty," "Mr. K. Douglas" and "Mr. J. Caan."

We asked if we could see the tunnels. A staff member said, off the record, "I heard they were closed up sometime in 1989." Hugh Hefner married Playmate Kimberley Conrad in 1989. We went back to the general manager, and he said he couldn't discuss it further.

We then asked The Mansion staff for more info about the celebrity tunnels, and we were told Mr. Hefner did not wish to comment. We reached out to reps for Nicholson, Caan, Douglas and Beatty, and they have not agreed to comment.

Check out the alleged blueprints below!


» posted by Igor on Tuesday, March 31, 2015
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!! OMG, their butts: Jonathan Howard and Christopher Egan in series Dominion's 'Pilot' !!


I have no idea what Dominion is, but it is definitely serving up some Starship Troopers realness with this shower scene. Check out its stars Chris Egan and Jon Howard after the NSFW jump!

[[OMG there's more! JUMP IN and read the rest]]

» posted by Igor on Tuesday, March 31, 2015
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!! OMG, Apple's Tim Cook: Pro-discrimination 'religious freedom' laws are dangerous !!


Apple CEO Tim Cook "Americans need to stand up against discriminate laws" [joemygod]

Stephen King calls Indiana's 'Religious Liberty' law an "anti-gay, discriminatory dog turd" [towleroad]

Congrats! Trevor Noah is the new host of The Daily Show [dlisted]

..and ten facts about Trevor you may not know [celeb cafe]

Desperately Seeking Susan turns 30 [kenneth]

Slap me if you've heard this one before: Lance Bass goes for dinner at Tiffany Amber Theissen's [socialite life]

DOMA is back and hurting gay couples again [queerty]

Kim Kardashian got her ass denied a Soho House LA membership [celebitchy]

BUTT MUNCH: SNL's Pete Davidson sucks on The Rock's butt on national TV [boy culture]

How far video games have come since their origin [unrealitymag]

Easter heatwave! Check out model Casey Levens in nothing but his bunny suit (NSFW)[ohlala]

» posted by Igor on Monday, March 30, 2015
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