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!! OMG, she’s such a doll! Transgender spokesperson, mentor and inspiring teenager Jazz Jennings gets her own doll !!

“I consider myself to just be a normal, teenage girl so…the doll is just a normal girl doll.”

This is awesome! A step in the right direction! The Tonner Doll Company is releasing a transgender doll inspired by transgender teen role model and inspiring spokesperson Jazz Jennings! Check out the video above!

!! OMG, a zigga-zigg AH and a lil razzle-dazzle! Spice Girls’ Mel B suprises Broadway crowd with a lil ‘Wannabe’ during Cihcago !!

THIS is gay news people! Stop the presses – because the Spice GirlsMel B KNEW her audience during her last show in Chicago The Musical as Roxie! You would think the theatre audience might gasp – but they loved it! Check it out above!

!! OMG, don't miss these !!