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!! OMG, Beyoncé gamified: Lemonade Rage !!

Beyonce Lemonade Rage video game

If you’ve ever fantasized about playing Beyoncé walking through town with a bat, smashing good hair ads and avoiding haterz, then Lemonade Rage is game is for you. The ending is true to real life, where things speed up so much that it’s literally impossible to avoid the bullshit.

!! OMG, they’re on the road: Queer Songbook Orchestra !!

You might remember the Queer Songbook Orchestra from when we wrote about them a few years back during their Indiegogo campaign. They’ve since raised the money and taken their unique show across Canada, including a stint at the prestigious Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity.

Watch the profile above to see how the QSO is telling queer stories and touching audiences with their inventive arrangements and powerhouse vocal performances. Plus, check out other QSO videos on their website here. The QSO operates in partnership with the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives, which is the largest independent LGBTQ+ archives in the world.

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