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!! OMG WATCH: Elders react to viral new animated gay short film IN A HEARTBEAT !!

Does the generational aspect vary their reactions? What does Nana think, ah?

We see many asking, “Why Elders for this episode?” Couple reasons. Reality is the Elders were the ones filming this week, so once we saw an overwhelming amount of you suggesting it, the Elders were the ones to do it with to cover it as fast as we could for you all. Doesn’t mean we won’t do it with another generation if there is want of it over time! Also, Elders can give us all a interesting perspective on this type of short since it would not even be possible earlier in their lifetime, and that is a compelling reaction and conversation to watch.

Check it out above to see how the older set reaction to the heart-string pulling IN A HEARTBEAT short film.

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!! OMG, get it, gurl! WERK! Rare Pink Dolphin spotted in Louisiana !!

Show them what it takes Pinky the Dolphin – get ‘choself a nayme! The Washington Post reports:

The sight of a dolphin swimming next to a boat is not uncommon — the Internet is home to thousands of examples captured on shaky, handheld video.

But if you’re traveling down the Calcasieu Ship Channel, about 100 miles west of Lafayette, La., you might encounter a much rarer sight: an albino dolphin.

That’s what happened to Bridget Boudreaux and her husband on Aug. 5. “I about fell out the boat,” Boudreaux told the CBS affiliate in Houston, KHOU. “I was like, ‘Wow, that’s not a regular dolphin, that’s a pink dolphin.’” [And just when you think it couldn’t get any better, she says she actually saw two pink dolphins. Unfortunately, she was only able to get a video and picture of one.]

The dolphin in question is known to locals as Pinky, and it has been swimming the shipping channel since at least 2007, when a charter boat captain first reported spotting it.

Pinky’s albinism is “exceptionally rare, but not unheard of,” said Eric Hovland, associate curator at the Florida Aquarium in Tampa. “Since there’s no pigment there, the only coloration comes from the blood vessels and the tissues.”

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