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!! OMG, gossip: Zandaya Coleman says she left the Lifetime Aaliyah biopic because 'the production value wasn't there' !!

Uh -- Yuh, DUH! It's a fucking Lifetime movie [celebitchy]

OOOOOH, CHURL! The National Enquirer goes there again with Tom Cruise! [boy culture]

That's right, sexy! Obama gets down to business and signs LGBTQ executive order [joemygod]

Beyonce and Jay-Z want to call it quits without getting a divorce [dlisted]

Mario Testino shoots 'Model Mania' for the upcoming issue of V Magazine [ohlala]

Kim Kardashian is set to make 85 million dollars off her 200 million dollar app which lets you create your very own imaginary social-climbing whore persona in Hollywood in the race to be famous for nothing [popbytes]

Big Brother's Zach Rance pops a woody after cuddling with Ariana Grande's brother [kenneth]

Ex-child star and current go-go boy Blake McIver is really trying to make Blake McIver happen [queerty]

Whoopsie-daises! Blohan has either got the drunks real bad, or is falling into a k-hole here [socialite life]

Pokemon shaming! [unrealitymag]

New documentary exposes extreme anti-gay laws in Iran: 'They can put you in jail for 10, 20, 30 years.' [towleroad]

The Top 10 MTV VMA moments [celeb cafe]

» posted by Igor on Monday, July 21, 2014
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!! OMG, gossip: Ivana Trump is becoming Patsy Stone !!


Ivana Trump is the real-life Patsy Stone with her boy toy in Paris [celebitchy]

That time when Joe Manganiello taught Conan how to be a male stripper [popbytes]

Tom Daley is Attitude Magazine's sexiest man of 2014 [socialite life]

RIP Broadway legend Elaine Stritch [kenneth]

Edward Snowden says NSA workers trade your nudies [queerty]

Salem mayor writes awesome defense of city's decision to end contract with anti-gay college [towleroad]

Kelly Ripa is a proud friend of BOTOX [dlisted]

I had no idea who Aussie rugby player Nicky Price was before today -- but DAMN, his Instagram is full of bare tuckus [ohlala]

Jojo OrangaTang drops a comedic ode to unsafe sex "Girl, Can I Bum a Truvada?" [boy culture]

...oh, and before you think Truvada will remove all HIV risk, take a closer look at this Truvada study [joemygod]

True Blood meets Cheers in this 80's sitcom [unrealitymag]

Your Top 10 Favourite Katherine Hiegel roles [celeb cafe]

» posted by Igor on Friday, July 18, 2014
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!! OMG, who is your daddy, and what does he do? Patrick Schwarzenegger does Tom Ford Eyewear !!


Patrick Schwarzenegger models Tom Ford eyewear [ohlala]

Dolly Parton plans to drop a song for the gay fans [towleroad]

Destiny fulfilled! Kristen Stewart as a drag king [dlisted]

Emmy nom Laverne Cox covers The Advocate [kenneth]

When dietary restrictions become an obsession: Vegan blogger fixture 'The Blonde Vegan' comes clean about eating disorder, orthorexia [celebitchy]

Katie Price & Jodie Marsh, better watch out! Lohan is London's problem now! [popbytes]

SNL fires babe cast member Brooks Wheelan along with two others :( [boy culture]

Iowa hate group leader links terrorism with same-sex marriage [joemygod]

Ansel Elgort is not a Harry Potter character, but he IS a major babe [socialite life]

The craziest shit Conservatives have said about gay people [queerty]

A real-life Peter Griffin walks the Earth! [unrealitymag]

The Top 10 Owen Wilson films [celeb cafe]

» posted by Igor on Wednesday, July 16, 2014
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!! OMG, gossip: Sailor Moon returns with LGBTQ storyline intact !!


Sailor Moon returns with LGBTQ storyline intact [towleroad]

Welcome back to the year 2004! Jeremy Jackson accuses Paris Hilton and Brandon Davis of beating his ass [dlisted]

"Nice, brah!" Obama asks man if he's gay, proceeds to happily bump fists with him [queerty]

EW! Kim Kardashian: 'I just want to be a MILF!' [celebitchy]

Blohan is already acting like a Lohan at her new thee-ate-her gig [popbytes]

Sorry LAMBS! Mimi untucked untouched! [boy culture]

Olympian Ian Thorpe comes out [joemygod]

Latoya speaks! [socialite life]

Which cartoons deserve to be live-action? [unrealitymag]

Some Monday male backside c/o VH1's Naked & Afraid (NSFW) [ohlala]

Who's rubbing the Vaseline on their abs for 5 free drink tickets on the cover of your local gay rag THIS week? [kenneth]

The Top 10 hottest rom-com studs [celeb cafe]

» posted by Igor on Monday, July 14, 2014
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!! OMG, gossip: ANTM Season 3's Yaya DaCosta as Whitney Houston in Lifetime biopic of singer's life !!


Blasphemy on this fair Friday c/o Tyra Banks and Angela Bassett! [dlisted]

Laverne Cox earns first Emmy nomination for a transgender person ever for her role on Orange Is The New Black [joemygod]

Thank me later, bitches! Paris Hilton has a new song out [popbytes]

Big Ro' heads back to The View and words are had [boy culture]

The Top 10 Twitter reactions to Elisabeth Hasselback's comments on Rosie returning to The View [celeb cafe]

Zefron shirtless on a horse! That is all. [socialite life]

Michael Sam covers OUT Magazine [kenneth]

Did Selena Gomez get fake tittays so she could nurse Justin Bieber out of a life of crime? [celebitchy]

Toronto's crack smoking mayor Rob Ford casts only 'NO' vote on proposal to help LGBT Homeless Youth [towleroad]

Anti-gay Christians fear losing their jobs for being homophobic at work [queerty]

What are the biggest Emmy snubs of all-time? [unrealitymag]

Dolce&Gabanna models hit you on helium [ohlala]

» posted by Igor on Friday, July 11, 2014
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