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!! OMG, gossip: Caitlyn Jenner steps out in NYC for Broadway play !!


Call me, maybe: Caitlyn Jenner makes New York City her personal runway [socialite life]

Happy Birthday, Blondie‘s Debbie Harry! [kenneth]

Heath Ledger based his Brokeback character on his homophobic gay uncle [queerty]

Katy Perry wants you to know that it’s OK to be a chick and pose on the cover of Forbes (and then go to Taco Bell) [dlisted]

Like something from a Britney lyric: Amber Heard doesn’t wanna be defined by her bisexuality [celebitchy]

Matt Bomer‘s new Armani campaign measures up [boy culture]

First grader faces down anti-gay street preacher [joemygod]

BOO-HOO! Tennessee hardware store posts ‘NO GAYS ALLOWED’ sign in response to SCOTUS marriage ruling [towleroad]

Nick Youngquest for Men’s Health Spain [ohlala]

!! OMG, gossip: Kanye’s Glasto performance subtitles were less than accurate !!


Whoever subtitled Kanye‘s Glastonbury performance definitely had a sense of humour [dlisted]

Here’s Jamie Dornan with an 80’s leatherdaddy moustache [socialite life]

NBC Universal dumps all of Donald Trump‘s programs after his racist remarks towards Mexicans [kenneth]

The Hadid Sisters for V Magazine [ohlala]

Former makeup artist Jeremy Renner doesn’t care if you think he likes the peen [queerty]

Katy Perry wants to buy an LA nun convent, but the nuns ain’t havin it! [celebitchy]

Here’s 150 images from NYC Pride [boy culture]

26 Million rainbow their Facebook profile pic [joemygod]

Some Texas counties still are refusing to issue marriage licences to gay couples [towleroad]


!! OMG, gossip: Courtney Love’s Uber driver was attacked in Paris riots !!


…and she lived to tell about it [dlisted]

It’s safe to say that Rose McGowan and Jessica Chastain will NEVER star in a Madam Panhandler film [celebitchy]

Uber-butch Christiano Ronaldo shows off his short shorts and his BOY shirt [socialite life]

LIZA celebrate marriage equality [kenneth]

Chris Crocker decided to finally make her lips look like a swollen baboon’s bum [queerty]

Here are a bunch of butts from Broadway Bares 25 (NSFW) [boy culture]

Oh, BOO HOO! Poor baby redneck politicians upset about pro-equality ruling, grown men crying in courtroom [joemygod]

Gay people ‘welcome’ but cannot discuss gay rights during Pope Francis Philadelphia visit [towleroad]

Boyd HolBrook for Dior Homme [ohlala]


!! OMG, gossip: Aaron Taylor-Johnson flaunts his assets for FLAUNT Magazine !!


Wet n wild! (NSFW) [socialite life]

Jason Lee‘s ex-wife writes a scary, haunting recollection of what happened after she turned her back on Scientology [celebitchy]

Janet Jackson‘s new comeback single No Sleeep is here [boy culture]

Elegance is learned! Real Housewife Countess Luann has a new single for your ears LIVE [dlisted]

Hilary Clinton ‘Stand with LGBTQ families’ [joemygod]

Stonewall Inn is granted landmark status [kenneth]

Obama shuts down heckler at LGBT pride event ‘You’re in my house!’ [queerty]

A judge shoots down the Sodomite Suppression Act, a California ballot measure calling for the murder of gays [towleroad]

Eye candy: Model Sam Wiles by Vaughn Eric Stewart [ohlala]


!! OMG, gossip: 2015’s ‘Person-of-the-year’, Caitlyn Jenner, posts new photo with family on Father’s Day !!


Like the desert missed the rain! [celebitchy]

Maya Rudolph does her best Rachel Dolezal impression [queerty]

Cyndi Lauper to get a Hollywood Star [joemygod]

Good evening, America! Drew Droege does “Chloe” with FRIENDS [towleroad]

19-year-old British actor Tom Holland will be the new Spiderman [dlisted]

Here’s Matt Bomer shaking his naked tuckus [boy culture]

…and here’s Ian Somerhalder shirtless and sucking on a cold one [socialite life]

Finally! A documentary about your gay lisp is here! [kenneth]

Model Mikkel Jensen for Hugo Boss [ohlala]


!! OMG, gossip: Leaked Sony emails detail that rules of portraying Spiderman are that he can’t be gay or black !!

1312885389t-gay spiderman

Well, there goes half of his audience! [queerty]

Miley Cyrus has been diving for catfish in Ani DiFranco lake with a Victoria’s Secret model Stella Maxwell for months [celebitchy]

Here’s Colton Haynes serving Grindr realness on Instagram [socialite life]

The top 10 times Madonna used celeb cameos to liven up her videos [boy culture]

The men of Magic Mike XXL cover Entertainment Weekly (shirtless of course) [towleroad]

Jessica Lange will guest on American Horror Story [dlisted]

Breanna Sincclaire becomes first trans artist to perform National Anthem for MLB [joemygod]

A new documentary looks at gay adult film star Chuck Holmes [kenneth]

Lucas Loyola drops the towel for Mario Testino [ohlala]


!! OMG, Tylenol put some gay dads in their new ad, but they just had to go and ruin it with the fucking MAN BUN! !!

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 5.51.55 PM

The nerve! Thanks for setting us back another 4 years! [queerty]

Brandi Glanville “Men are ‘manginas’ if they say they want to ‘make love'” [celebitchy]

The stars of Magic Mike XXL walk in the LA Pride parade [boy culture]

Fisher Price backs LGBTQ families [joemygod]

Here be OITNB‘s Matt McGorry shirtless for all you thirsty betches [socialite life]

Film noir goes real-life in this poster capturing the fear behind racial police brutality [kenneth]

Obama cares more about LGBTQ pride tahn defeating ISIS’ – Mike Huckabee [towleroad]

Welcome to my idea of HELL: Taylor Swift threw a cutesy, quirky and twee baby shower this weekend [dlisted]

Here’s some male nudity from that new SENSE8 show (NSFW) [ohlala]