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!! OMG, gossip: Jeremy Jordan frees gay cousin trapped in gay conversion camp !!

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 12.08.52 AM

Actor Jeremy Jordan manages to free his female cousin from a ‘pray away the gay’ camp after successful online campaign asking for help [towleroad]

Bernie Sanders says he looks forward to working with Hillary to stop Trump [joemygod]

Amber Heard‘s ex comes out in support of her [celebitchy]

Borderline: Obama meets Madge [boy culture]

The SASS of it all! Real O’Neals star Noah Galvin blasts Colton Haynes, others, and is gonna get his mouth washed out with soap if he’s not careful! [socialite life]

…ANNND he retracts and apologizes everything he said [dlisted]

…ANNNNND, well, at least he looks good while stirring shit up! [ohlala]

Olympic Figure skater comes out with a gay kiss (because just BEING a male figure skating isn’t enough of a hint) [queerty]

Which silver swashbuckler is on the cover of your weekly gay rag THIS week? [kenneth]

!! OMG, gossip: Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan watch Captain America and Winter Soldier lock lips !!

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 7.52.10 PM

Captain America made out with Winter Soldier in front of Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan [towleroad]

Bomer, Zefron and more heat up the Guys Choice Awards 2016 [socialite life]

Laura Linney, 52, has a secret pregnancy apparently [celebitchy]

Brit Brit‘s got a new vidja on the way [boy culture]

UFC fighter calls his opponent a faggot on TV [queerty]

Joanna Lumley says that Patsy Stone is trans [dlisted]

Bernie‘s final plea: It all comes down to the voters [joemygod]

Novak Djokovic wins first French Open, serves buldge [kenneth]

Some model piece shows off his tee-taw for OhLaLa Mag [ohlala]


!! OMG, WATCH: Ronan Farrow interviews a female trans student living in an all-male dorm at Notre Dame !!

Woody Allen’s son AKA YUNG SINATRA aka Ronan Farrow touches on being a transgender college student in the latest episode of Undercovered on NBC’s Today. In his latest piece, he follows up on trans teen, Eve’s, life as a transgender person in an all-male dorm. Check it out above!


!! OMG, gossip: NETFLIX has ordered a GLOW Comedy series !!


THERE IS A GOD! (Gorgeous, Over-the-top, Diva) [dlisted]

Adele is NOT here for your lowly, concert piracy [celebitchy]

The cast of SENSE 8 (not the name of an organic shampoo brand) gets #HORNED on a Brazilian pride float [boy culture]

Did Colton Haynes show off his tee-taw on Instagram? Queerty gets to the BOTTOM of it all. [queerty]

Calvin Harris is back to his thirst trapping ways on the Gram as well… [towleroad]

Scott Lively: Trump should undo Obama‘s fascist LGBT agenda and emulate Russia’ [joemygod]

Madge really needs to NOT with social media, responds to Prince tribute critics [kenneth]

Here’s Shia deepthroating a ba-nay-nay [socialite life]

Here’s the eggplant king, Gaspard Ulliel for Numero Homme [ohlala]


!! OMG, gossip: Boy George addresses that rumour that he slept with Prince !!


So did she or didn’t she!? [queerty]

Move over, Scully! Quantico star Priyanka Chopra wants to be chick-Bond! [socialite life]

Is George Clooney ’emotionally cheating’ on Amal with Julia Roberts!? [celebitchy]

Phi Phi O’Hare proposed to her boyfriend live on stage this week [boy culture]

Matt Dallas and someone named after a sweet martini, Blue Hamilton, talk about having a family [towleroad]

Here’s Katie Holmes as 1967 Jackie Kennedy [dlisted]

Walmart isn’t taking chances on addressing their own policy on trans bathroom rights, stays quiet [joemygod]

Man found guilty in vicious Dallas BBQ restaurant attack [kenneth]

Model Dave Mendoza heats things up [ohlala]


!! OMG, gossip: Stephen Amell says a fan tried to bait him into outing Colton Haynes !!


But he didn’t bite! [towleroad]

Gosling gets kissy on the red carpet [socialite life]

Sir Mix-A-Lot defends Blake Lively‘s right o say she has an ‘Oakland booty’ [celebitchy]

Demi Lovato wears a shirt supporting trans rights while performing at the Billboard Awards [boy culture]

In case you missed it: Prince Harry tweaked another ginger man’s nipples on TV [queerty]

Eva Longoria got married UHGAIN! [dlisted]

Evil joins evil! The NRA endorses Trump! [joemygod]

Samantha Bee on the birth of the religious right [kenneth]

Suddenly, I’m a fan of wrestling… [ohlala]


!! OMG, gossip: Is Grindr leading foreign police to gays to arrest them on homosexuality charges? !!


It could be! [towleroad]

In ‘Things that Satan loves’ kinds news: Kim Kardashian snapchatted her pregnancy scare [celebitchy]

Dr. Luke‘s label has reinstated permission for Kesha to perform at the Billboard awards [socialites life]

Mr. Ed‘s Alan Young dies at 94 [boy culture]

In other Grandpa news: Was Abe Lincoln really gay? [queerty]

Leonardo DiCaprio took a private jet to accept an environmental award [dlisted]

Scientists remove HIV from living animal genes for the first time [joemygod]

Which gay men are keeping it tasteful for free drink tickets on the cover of the weekly gay rag this week? [kenneth]

..and some wet model piece in his underwear cuz WHY NOT!? [ohlala]