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!! OMG, gossip: Kim Kardashian proves herself a respectable human being, speaks out in support of trans acceptance and her step-father Bruce Jenner !!

Kim Kardashian speaks out in support of her newly-out, transgender step-parent Bruce Jenner [dlisted]

Adam Lambert chats about sleeping with closeted movie stars [socialite life]

Rumour Willis turns it out on the red carpet [celebitchy]

Tom Hardy covers Entertainment Weekly as MAD MAX [boy culture]

Baltimore governor declares state of emergency as riots get out of control [joemygod]

2 gay teen athletes share prom together. Hearts melt n stuff [queerty]

WATCH: CNET attempts to destroy the Apple Watch [towleroad]

Swoon! Model Pietro Boselli for Charlie [ohlala]

Doctors bettah up they privacy settin’z, hon! [kenneth]

!! OMG, gossip: Shawn Ashmore congratulates his X-MEN character ‘Ice Man’ on coming out !!

Shawn Ashmore congratulates Ice Man on coming out of the closet [ohlala]
Did Kanye West delete his tweets in the wake of TIDAL‘s massive failure? [celebitchy]
Matt Bomer reveals he’ll get very close to Gaga in the new season of American Horror Story [queerty]
A Golden Girls super-fan gets inked [towleroad]
‘Chelle’s pissed you guys! The Olsen Twins are bummed that Uncle Jesse never told them about the Full House reunion [dlisted]
Aaron Taylor-Johnson keeps it sexy for Randall Mesdon for At Large magazine [boy culture]
Who’d you rather? Chris Hemsworth or Chris Evans at the Age Of Ultron premiere [socialite life]
‘Christians will stop gay marriage with pitchforks and torches.’ – Scott Lively, writing for World Net Daily [joemygod]
Business name WIN of the week [kenneth]


!! OMG, gossip: We’ll forgive Matt Bomer’s fedora due to his exquisite abdominal display !!

Here’s Matt Bomer‘s Magic Mike XXL poster [boy culture]
Justin Timberlake shares a photo of his newborn Silas on instagram [socialite life]
The Good Will Hunting screenplay once had a gay sex scene in it [queerty]
The romance of our time is gone: Ariana Grande and Big Sean broke up [dlisted]
Does Tommy Girl bankroll most of Scientology’s dealings? [celebitchy]
Here’s the new trailer for Fantastic Four [joemygod]
Which member of 98 Degrees is on the cover of your weekly gay rag for free drink tickets THIS week? [kenneth]
Tonga moves to ban same-sex marriage [towleroad]
A behind the scenes look at a calendar full of half naked gingers [ohlala]


!! OMG, gossip: Zayn Malik takes his mom as his date with his newly shaved head to The Asian Awards !!

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 3.27.17 PM.png
Zayn Malik shaved his head and took his mom to the Asian Awards in London [socialite life]
Practical special FX makeup: Kylie Jenner‘s prep time for hair and makeup is 2 1/2 hours [celebitchy]
Gay-for-pay adult film star Mark Dalton talks being gay-for-pay, being in prison, and his famous clients [boy culture]
HOUSTON: LGBTQ rights will stand [joemygod]
Hunky NFL player Aaron Hernandez found guilt of first-degree murder [kenneth]
Laverne Cox poses nude to demolish myth that black trans women aren’t beautiful [queerty]
Group of Pennsylvania students wearing flannel and writing the phrase “Anti-Gay” on their hands protest National Day Of Silence [towleroad]
Sofia Vergara wants to keep those frozen embryos she made with Nick Loeb [dlisted]
The new Magic Mike XXL poster with Channing Tatum is here [ohlala]


!! OMG, here’s the Trans hunk aiming for a ‘Men’s Health’ Cover !!

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 9.52.34 AM.png
Trans bodybuilder Aydian Dowling could be Men’s Health‘s new cover model [towleroad]
Here’s RPatz getting freakay with his dancemoves at Coachella [celebitchy]
Cocaine is a hell of a drug: Watch Justin Bieber lipsync on webcam to Carly Rae Jepsen‘s ‘I Really Like You’ [socialite life]
Shia LaBeouf‘s ragggedy-ass rat tail makes its return [dlisted]
Bill Maher says Obama needs to flaunt all that he’s done before the upcoming election, (just like the Republicans would!) [joemygod]
Olivia Munn will play Psylocke in X-Men: Apocalypse [zombietoenailz]
Here’s the poster for Magic Mike XXL [boy culture]
TSA agent canned for groping ‘roughly a dozen’ attractive male passengers [queerty]
Wednesday RETRO REWIND: The Eurythemics ‘When Tomorrow Comes By’ [kenneth]


!! OMG, gossip: Empire’s Cookie Lyon’s brings revenge and betrayal to Sesame Street !!

With who else!? Cookie MONSTER! [towleroad]
Brit Brit films her latest display of class and refined taste in LA [socialite life]
Meanwhile… Justin Timberlake welcomes first-born baby Silas Randall into the world with Jessica Biel [celebitchy]
Besties: Hilary Clinton hired a homosexual as her campaign manager [boy culture]
Bill Maher on religious fundamentalists [joemygod]
A bunch of bottoms get together for a good cause [kenneth]
Hilary Swank says there’s a long way to go before we end transphobia [queerty]
Mary Kay Lateourneau wants to get back in the classroom and start teaching again [dlisted]
Lisa Rinna is really me last Saturday night in this scene [zombietoenailz]


!! OMG, the GIFS that keep on giving: Zac Efron and Dave Franco get touchy-feely and shirtless at the MTV Movie Awards !!

Efron and his Neighbors co-star Dave Franco took home the Golden Popcorn for Best Duo at Sunday’s show, and I’ve definitely had best duo dreams about Franco and Efron before so it was nice to see the opening scene play out so vividly in real life.