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!! OMG, Calvin Harris is back in his underwear for Armani !!


Calvin Harris is back in his gonch for Armani [ohlala]

The Amber Rose ‘Slut Walk’ to counter ‘slut-shaming’ is offically happening — YASSSS – count me in! [pinkisthenewblog]

Ashlee Simpson gave birth to Diana Ross’ newest grandspawn [dlisted]

On Mondays we wear pink: Mariah Carey only allows James Packer to have sex with her on Mondays [celebitchy]

Is HGH good or bad for your biceps, bro!? [boy culture]

The Ebola vaccine is 100 percent working ya’ll! [joemygod]

Caitlyn Jenner steps out looking gor-juss [socialite life]

Cat MASSEUR! [kenneth]

That guy who does everything and nothing in a speedo, Steve Grand, accuses Queerty of ‘slut-shaming’ [queerty]

Boring lives matter: The HBO president says it was ‘very painful’ for him to cancel Looking [towleroad]

!! OMG, gossip: Raven Symone thinks Caityln Jenner is moving too fast repping the trans community !!


Uh ok — who else has the forumn she does!? [celebitchy]

Vanity Fair releases a new short documentary about their Caitlyn Jenner cover shoot [pinkisthenewblog]

WATCH: Jane Krakowski and Tina Fey lipsync to Beyonce [towleroad]

Did Giselle wear a burka disguise to go get her tits and eyes done? [dlisted]

Second to nun: Here’s the teaser for Madge‘s Rebel Heart tour [boy culture]

Lion Killer dentist apologizes to his patients [joemygod]

Ben Affleck was banging the nanny [socialite life]

Are artificial sweeteners actually better than sugar? [kenneth]

World record power lifter is now transgender and fluid [queerty]

Here’s some squinty hot ginger piece with his shirt off [ohlala]


!! OMG, gossip: Caitlyn Jenner loves Kanye West’s supportive reaction to her transition !!

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 5.18.21 PM

Caitlyn Jenner loves Kanye West‘s supportive reaction to her transition [pinkisthenewblog]

DILF Rob Lowe shirtless at 51! [kenneth]

Ian McKellan shows you how to make the perfect batch of scrambled eggs [socialite life]

Here’s Johnny Depp bottle-feeding a baby rat to start your week out [dlisted]

RIP Bobbi Kristina Brown, dies at 22 [celebitchy]

Ingrid Sischy, long the editor of Interview dies at 63 [boy culture]

Missouri: Ex-gay runs for governor [joemygod]

Anti-gay Arkansas governor’s website is now a gay chat room [queerty]

Evangelical Luteran bishop comes out as gay, says he’s still committed to wife [towleroad]

Jarrod Scott for Numero Homme Berlin [ohlala]


!! OMG gossip: Hulk Hogan is no longer a ‘pro’ wrestler !!


The WWE has fired Hulk Hogan for saying racist things. He’d better hope that Gawker suit works out. [dlisted]

Bill Cosby is suing a woman to get her hush money back after she accused him of sexual assault [celebitchy]

Gawker plans to be “20% nicer” in the wake of the Geithner outing [towleroad]

Nick Jonas is all chained up [oh la la]

Same-sex marriage is being put before the courts in Taiwan [joe]

Just-released outtakes from Madonna‘s Vogue video [queerty]

OMG, new X-Files promo! [pitnb]

Sir Ian McKellen will teach you how to make perfect scrambled eggs [socialite life]

Tennis star Maria Sharapova has split with her boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov [kenneth]


!! OMG, he’s showing pube: Justin Bieber !!


Justin Bieber is one of those guys who semi-consciously tries to titillate those around him by nonchalantly lifting his shirt to reveal his abs, or in this case showing us his bush while appearing to adjust the waistband of his shorts. He’s probably doing it on purpose, but whatever, we’ll take it.

See the pic after the jump. It’s pretty much SFW unless your office has a no pube policy.
[[ OMG, there’s more: JUMP IN to read the rest ]]


!! OMG gossip: Taylor Swift gets defensive over Nicki Minaj tweet !!


Taylor Swift should stop tweeting, really [pitnb]

The two dullest celebrities are having a Twitter war (and no we’re not talking about Taylor) [socialite life]

Paula Abdul and James Corden (of Live Car Karaoke fame) recreate the “Opposites Attract” video, with him in a wolf costume [dlisted]

Bill Cosby considers quaaludes a tool of consent [celebitchy]

The hot, shirtless photos of Matthew Lewis (aka Neville Longbottom) just keep coming [towleroad]

OMG, it’s Grindr: The Musical [queerty]

Model Konstantin Vasiliev seems more enchanted with himself than with his female co-subject, and we don’t blame him [oh la la]

Donald Trump is far richer than we could have imagined [joe]

Bobsledder Simon Dunn is the Hottest Man in the World, according to a gay magazine [kenneth]

A Roland Emmerich-directed Stonewall movie is coming this September starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers [boy culture]


!! OMG, he’s skinny and sunburned: Sam Smith !!

Singer Sam Smith looks drastically different than he did when he was accepting all those awards. We hope he’s staying healthy and happy that he’s not using any #fitspo hashtags. Now for a new song! (via Wow Report)