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!! OMG, gossip: NYC is about to get their own Golden Girls-themed cafe !!

SIGN US UP! [boyculture]

File this under ‘Shit I didn’t need to know, but now you know it too’: Lena Dunham had her period for 13 days straight once [celebitchy]

Jennifer Holliday cancels her Trump inauguration performance, says its caused LGBt community heartbreak [instinct]

WATCH: Tom Brady eats a pancake off the floor of a locker room (not Sean Cody) [socialite life]

Introducing, Cherokee princess BLAKE LIVELY! [lainey]

Gonorrhea is now dangerously close to become incurable: The ‘Don’t splooge in a strangers’ butthole’ Edition [queerty]

This giant George Michael mural is Australia is everything m8, I reckon! [dlisted]

Cat sledding in the snow! [towleroad]

!! OMG, gossip: What’s Leah Remini’s end goal with her exposé of Scientology? !!

To get Scientology’s tax exemption as a church revoked! [celebitchy]

Benham Bros: ‘Gays suffer from depraved minds and daddy issues’ – uh, yeah… AND!? Flattery will get you everywhere, guys! [instinct]

Neil Patrick Harris hit the red carpet with his partner, and they weren’t dressed like circus ringmasters for ONCE [socialite life]

I’m the muthafuckin’ female definition of a….SANTA?: The Anna Kendrick Edition [lainey]

Yee-haw! Gay, country music personality Cody Alan comes stampeding out of that there closet [boyculture]

Marie Osmond FINALLY volunteers to sing at the inauguration and help usher the end times in [queerty]

Is Rooney‘s Mara rubbin’ on Joaquin‘s Pheonix? Maybe! [dlisted]

HUD Nominee Ben Carson on LGBT Housing Rights ‘No one gets extra rights’ [towleroad]

!! OMG, gossip: Vivica’s homophobic-sounding remarks cause producers of new show to cut ties !!

Vivica‘s anti-gay sounding remarks got her stripper show cancelled [instinct]

The best of the Golden Globes on Instagram [socialite life]

Was golden the look or not at the Golden Globes!? [lainey]

Nicole Kidman served “WESTWORLD chic” at the Globes, and peeps were perplexed [celebitchy]

Nancy Sinatra says father Frank Sinatra would never have supported a bigot like Trump [boyculture]

Football chairman wants football players to come out in groups – US TOO! [queerty]

Hidden Fences!!! [dlisted]

NIH launches first large trial of long-acting injectable PrEP [towleroad]

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