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!! OMG, what a mess: New Britney Spears Lifetime ‘biopic’ !!


Get your bongs and your Cheetos ready! The television event of the CENTURY is about to happen; The Lifetime Britney Spears “biopic” is about to drop, and Enter-taint-ment Tonight talked to the actress who was tricked by production into thinking that she somehow resembles Britney Spears in the slightest, and is now playing the singer in the film.

You better believe Justin is gonna light a phatty and watch this with Jessica Beil!
Check out her interview below, and the rest of cast trying to be N’SYNC and JT as well after the jump!

[[ OMG, there’s more: JUMP IN to read the rest ]]

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!! OMG, WATCH: “Mad Sheila” is the ‘MAD MAX” rip-off from China you’ve been …waiting for? !!

Why SHEILA!? LOL. Oh, why not I guess…

“HAYYY SHEILA!” is definitely the new “BYE FELICIA!” over in Hong Kong, where they’ve just dropped this hot trailer for a MAD MAX rip-off with a female protagonist. Check out the trailer above!

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!! OMG, gossip: Tom Ford hates flip-flops !!


‘I wouldn’t be caught dead in flip flops. I hate flip flops on men.’ [celebitchy]

Amber Heard speaks out against domestic abuse in emotional PSA [socialite life]

Kelly Ripa may have saved Andy Cohen‘s life from cancer [boyculture]

Blohan used Brexit and Christmas to get some attention [dlisted]

Gay activists march for their rights in New Delhi [instinct]

Gay man attacked by store manager in front of 4 year old son [towleroad]

It was a very Mimi Thanksgiving [lainey]

What’s it like to be gay and asexual? [queerty]

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