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!! OMG, Dayamn! Trans Model Laith Ashley covers ‘Attitude Magazine’ !!


We would! — Trans model Laith Ashley covers ‘Attitude Magazine’ made history as the first F2M trans model to cover Attitude this month!

On his struggles/accepting himself:
“I would self-destruct, I would disappear because I didn’t want to be here. For a long time I prayed to God to let me die. I’d think I hate life, hate being trans, hate the world. I was very negative. I still struggle with that from time to time but remind myself I’m pretty blessed. I have a family who [is] supportive. They may not agree with who I am, but they do love me. I had the privilege of going to school. I have the privilege of this experience. I love who I see in the mirror now.”

On Internet trolls:
“People were really nasty for about three weeks. I just couldn’t stop reading the comments. I knew I shouldn’t have, but I kept reading and the more I read, the worse the comments got. I’ve learned that you can’t please everyone.”

Congrats to Laith, and to many more covers!



!! OMG, #LenkLewkForLess is giving you A-List glamour for less… way less. !!

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 2.36.59 PM

Every look he nails impeccably! All you need is your local convenience or hardware store and you too could get this glamour for less!
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!! OMG, pitter patter! Lily Rose Depp covers V Magazine’s online cover !!


Depp royalty, Miss Lily Rose stars in Kevin Smith‘s Yoga Hosers this month, but she’s looking exquisite on the cover of the V Online!

“The most fun part of making the movie was being able to learn and experience everything for the first time with people I love and admire.” She credits director Kevin Smith for helping her grow as an actress. “I learned so much working on this movie .Kevin really helped me come out of my shell as an actress. Being able to feel free and comfortable in your character’s skin is so important. I’m lucky I had such great people surrounding me to help me do that.”

Sarah Michelle Gellar, Rachel Leigh Cook and Evan Rachel Wood better watch out cuz theres a new batch with three names in town!


!! OMG, Prince was originally offered the role of Ruby Rhod in ‘The Fifth Element’ – see his costume’s concept art here !!


Chris Tucker played the role of Ruby Rhod in Luc Besson’s The Fifth Element, the role he was born to play, but the role was actually first offered to another celebrity, — Prince. Check out Gauthier’s sketches for the costume and hear about what Prince thought about the costume after the jump!

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