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!! Brett Ratner has a lot of girlfriends !!

fat Brett Ratner
Brett Ratner, the fat director of Rush Hour 1&2 and the upcoming X-Men 3, threw a party at his house the other night for a bunch of Victoria’s Secret models and ignored 19-year-old girlfriend Lindsay Lohan, who is now pissed at him. Aside from his chubbiness and reputation as a complete hack, Ratner has a lot of appealing qualities, like his really big house, gobs of money, and his simultaneous love of big-boobed women and barely legal girls.
I’ve been anticipating X-Men 3 with optimistic dread, hoping it’s not going to disappoint as much as I expect it will.

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    I am new here and looking to have a great time and learning experience
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    well it’s true that everyone knows fat people can’t make movies.

    But don’t you think maybe the trailer is the product of some intern who has more directorial talent than the director himself? I’m still worried.

    i was freaking out that xmen 3 was going to be horrible, but after seeing the trailer i cannot wait.

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