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!! Leonardo DiCaprio gets thicker !!

Is it me, or does Leo DiCaprio look sort of like a sexy dad now? I’m not sure whether it’s the facial hair or the bigger muscles, but he has finally shed his last speck of Basketball Diaries-era waifdom, which is bittersweet indeed.
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    Holy shit! Those comments are hilarious.

    Hey Leo, I have always loved you so much. You have been HOT from the time I first saw you till now. I wish I could have some fun with you and it would be really my biggest wishes….
    let me know if you think you might be into it.
    Me: 35, 6.1, 185, br/br, open minded, educated

    hi leo i am a 40 year old black gay man; i like french, greek , german, jew, blond hair blue eye, irsh, italen. between the ages of 22-33. i am single nogirl; no kid . druge free, disease free. cell 856-264-1070. i live in south jersey. in the gloustre arary. i like to have some fun with you.

    Ugh; never been attracted to her.

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