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!! OMG, he’s naked: Jake Shears !!

Jake Shears Scissor Sisters underwear
I definitely have a spot in my heart for messy, East Village type gays, but Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears takes sloppiness to a new level in these concert photos. I hope you can still enjoy them despite all the pubes, bikini line, and crack sweat flying everywhere.
Lots more after the jump [Underwear shots, maybe SFW]

Jake Shears Scissor Sisters underwear
Jake Shears Scissor Sisters underwear
Jake Shears Scissor Sisters underwear
Jake Shears Scissor Sisters underwear
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    Apparently you Canadians have a different definition of “naked” than we Americans do. How is a guy in underwear considered naked to you? You can see more at a beach with guys in bathing suits!

    lo amooooooooooooooo

    ^WOW Jake – onLy gReaT!! tHeRe’s noThiNG leFt to say…=)

    sexy filthy thing…. mmm…. hair, makes a man a man. love love love it. wish it were scratch n sniff.

    Helloogg – this is just a testing, don’t worry about it

    aaaa diosss!!! q tremento ese hombre ó hombre gay, pero esta buenísimo!!!!

    i am not gay but he is fit ,i also like del and paddy.

    He just looks damn fine to me, trimmed or not trimmed! I could do that FOR HIM.

    New Scissor Sisters Single: ‘Don’t Feel Like Dancing’

    The Scissor Sisters are channeling the Bee-Gees in their new single “Don’t Feel Like Dancing” from their upcoming album Ta Dah and they do it well, in the same way that someone can score a “99” on an in-home…

    Hmmm…now if he could convince Del Marquis to join him in shedding the apparel I’d buy tickets to every show!!! YUM!!

    BTW Dop, I hate to tell your friend Chris this, but he is not the only one who taps that everynight.

    jake needs to take some shears to his crotch.

    Filthy gorgeous, indeed you dirty boy!

    I like! Go Jake!!!

    my friend chris taps that every night

    In Jake’s messy defense, he had done this little striptease to help entertain the audience during the second of two VERY irritating sound-system short-outs during the Sisters’ Siren Festival gig. And I don’t think there were any complaints about his filthy, gorgeous, half-naked self from the crowd.

    despite pubes bikini line and crack sweat? no because of pubes, bikini line and especially crack sweat.

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