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!! A horse with a lot to live up to !!

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Poor Coulter, one of only 250 American Cream draft horses in the world, and he has to be associated with a far more common (and plain) horse just because they share the same name. Okay, maybe there is a slight resemblance in the face and mane as well.
Regardless, the San Francisco Zoo has neither denied nor affirmed that the horse was named for idiot neocon pundit Ann Coulter, but one thing they will do is demand that people stop saying they did. Are they afraid President Bush will shut down their zoo?
I don’t think the zoo has anything to worry about. Everyone thinks Ann is a dummy, even Republicans, though they probably still jerk off to pictures of her.

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    you give republicans too much credit. who d’ya think made her famous and pays for her well funded hate mongering mission?

    Ann Coulter ?
    Who _is_ that ??? 😛


    you are showing the wrong end of the horse.
    someone owes this horse an apology.
    jack jett

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