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!! Beyonce abuses babies !!

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Ring The Alarm!! She tapes their mouths shut because they won’t stop biting her while she tries to shoot the cover for her new single! They are baby alligators, but nonetheless I am outraged. And so is PETA, who has reprimanded Beyonce for the one millionth time. Remember when they secretly taped her at Nobu? She just can’t get any love from the anti-fur community, even with her fierce new single. Maybe she should just discover the look, the feel of cotton.

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    arghh…my eyes, my eyes !
    please put some more clothes on, girl!


    is beyonce pissing in the shot.
    cuz if she iz, dat bitch aint gonna be round for long cuz dem gators…dey love the watersports.
    isn’t she a christian?
    jack e. jett

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