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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, he’s naked: Cillian Murphy !!

Allow me to take sexy Brit Irishman (thanks, Lauren) Cillian Murphy‘s nude scenes from 28 Days Later completely out of context so you can enjoy them without being terrified of plague-ravaged monkey-zombies. See his nice butt and a couple of cockshots after the jump [NSFW].

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    why is it that these men they show never have any dicks?????

    Yeah!!! Thanks omgblog! Your naked pics get me through the work day.

    Appreciate those cock shots 🙂 One correction though, Mr. Murphy is from Co. Cork, Ireland, not a brit

    OMG blog, You Rock!!! There is nothing like nakid pics of cillian murphy to brighten your day.He is one hot man.And the cock shots are priceless.Hmmmmmmm now I can die a very happy woman.Thanks

    Come on Julie, don’t rag on Cillians little guy. Life is not always in a constant state of erection. Put away your pornos!

    they 28 days later on psp so you can take it to go

    he is gorgeous

    Julie – big things come in small packages. You really need to get out more.

    This man.. Is perfect. Hottest I have seen so far. God… I have loved him since god knows when. I Rekon he and Milla Jovovich should get togther… Cause she is like.. the perfect woman. Imagine their kids.. Mmmmm

    All guys dick arent big without an erection. So dont talk shit about him. Hes actually pretty big for no erection. I love him! These pics are fucking hot!

    two words: …me likey

    Lulz…. Click to enlarge xD ((ha ha ha))

    I love this movie! And for you information his penis was digitally enlarged in that scene. Look it up, its true. Most chicks think all guys are hung like horses when in fact most guys have about a 3 inch penis when not hard. All those surveys you read about 5-7 inches are false, guys like to lie about their size.

    i hope i can suck cillian dxxk lol to bad that the one who can suck him is his ugly wife

    le comia todo su precioso pene

    This man is spookingly sexy!great actor,intense eyes,perfect cheekbones,beautifully boyish!i loved him in “transcendence”

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