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!! Suzanne Somers is foxy in brown !!

The last I heard from Suzanne Somers, she was on TV extolling the virtues of taking estrogen to put off menopause. She kept talking about how she still gets her period at the age of 200 and how sex with her husband is better than ever. Good for you, Suzanne. You look like you still get your period, and by that I mean absolutely girlish. See a couple more photos after the jump.

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    OMG, how scary: Suzanne Somers

    (Image Source) Oh Suzanne, I thought you were so put together the other day. I was so impressed… Now I see the truth (and the foundation). You know it’s bad when you make Al Roker look like a normal person. I guess I should give her a break consider…

    Chrissy er Suzanne Somers looks HOT!

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