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!! OMG, how fabulous: Brooke Hogan !!

Brooke Hogan arrives a little late to her audition for American Gladiators. Rumor has it that her gladiator name is “Orange.”
See a scary close-up after the jump.

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    That IS a hideous outfit, but I cannot get Brooke’s new song out of my head (nor can I stop watching “Hogan Knows Best” on VH1). Damn Hogans are ADDICTIVE!

    Why does she always look like she’s trying so damn hard!

    She tries way 2 hard

    Hehe i’ll scare my kids with her pics. What a bimbo!

    I’m straight and she’s gross.

    Brooke looks like she used to be a man!

    Okay she might accually look…non Trannie if
    1) Stop wearing more make-up thn Jeffre Star.
    2) Didn’t dress like a whore.
    3) She needs volume in her hair BADDLY!
    4) Oh and plastic surgery.

    OMG, her chin: Britney Spears

    (Image Source) Is that Brooke Hogan’s humongous chin on your screen? No, it’s none other than Britney Spears looking like she just got punched in the face. Of course this may all be part of a grander come-back strategy. Only time will tell….

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