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!! OMG, how flawless: Catherine Deneuve !!

In case you missed the episode of Nip/Tuck from two weeks ago that guest starred French movie star Catherine Deneuve, you can watch her in action here. She is perhaps the most beautiful 200-year-old I have ever seen. (via GayClic)

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    Yeah, I’ve never watched it either but that is a wicked scene. The writing is fantastic and heavy. Friends and I have now all taken to saying, with heavy french accents, “excuse me, where do you hide all of your ashtrays?” whenever we get a chance.

    I think it is due to too many scenes like this one that I don’t watch Nip/Tuck. The show is amazing, and it would exhaust me to keep up with it. Thank you, though, for this delicious little taste.

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