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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! Dieux Du Stade 2007 video: Sean Lamont !!

Now that bits and pieces of the “making of” Dieux Du Stade 2007 DVD are making their way onto the Internet, I felt that I couldn’t stop with the video of the three rugby players rubbing dirt on each other and swapping underwear.
So this morning I decided to bring you !! omg blog !! favorite Sean Lamont in live action. Why is the he a favorite? I’ll just say he sticks out in all the right places.
Watch the NSFW video after the jump.




    Wow…. He is so beautiful… Just once… I want to touch him….

    OMG! my bf has all of these making of calendars and he just recently got the 2007 one off Amazon.com, it worths every penny, this guy especially is HOT! not many of them shows their cocks in the DVD but this dude sure isn’t ashame to do so.

    yum! i want him nowww were do u get these from?? love bill i got cam any1 wanna c lol

    If Sean Lamont could be any more perfect I don’t know how. He is truly a god.

    Holy Moly! My mouth is watering just looking at him.
    I’m going to HAVE to get that calendar and DVD!
    Too bad they don’t play naked, I’d watch all the time!

    I do not beleive that I have ever seen such a magnificent man in my entire life. If his personality is nearly as nice as that body and face that man should run for king of the universe.
    Would love to spend an evening with him….or the rest of my life….

    I would wear a blister on my tongue just licking his body….more beautiful than the stars in the sky.

    Sean is very beautiful rugby player!! I want touch him…

    Sean is very beautiful rugby player!! I want touch him…

    Are there more websites form SL. he is realy hot and his…..is sssssssssssoo freaking big how dos that fit in?

    omg! this is one fucking hot piece of meat!!! id love him 2 tap me.

    where can i download this?

    well what can i say? not much i’m speachless…just have to go & toss off. what a man.

    OH I’ want to see video. Please introduce me.

    I wanna Full Function.
    I like it.

    Oooh, the bubblest buns !…

    That lady putting some make up or something (0:25)is just very lucky 🙂

    I love that~!!

    it should be illegal to be this perfect….

    I’d bend over for that… Sexiest man alive? I think so.

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