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!! OMG, the glamour: Beyonce !!

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I knew the Golden Globes were all about shininess, but I forgot the whole “glamorous” aspect for a second until Beyonce so unsubtly reminded me. She is definitely working it, but I think maybe working a little too hard.

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    Oh my God! She look realy sexy!!

    OMG, how changeable: Madonna

    If you thought this would be another post making fun of Beyonce, you would be wrong! Just because I find Lady B’s latest red carpet pose silly and I posted that parody of her “Ring the Alarm” video doesn’t mean that I don’t take equal delight in satir…

    Greg Scarnici rings the alarm

    This was posted on YouTube last year, but I want to bring it to all of you now because A. I love Beyonce’s song “Ring the Alarm,” and B. I love mocking Beyonce (that affection extends to anyone who enjoys mocking Beyonce, such as Mr. Greg Scarnici, th…

    She is working…my nerves.

    Sweetie – Beyonce is so smokin’ she can get away with the look. A lesser woman could not.

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