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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, he’s naked: Ben Affleck !!

Here at !! omg blog !! we try to cater to all tastes, and while I’ve never really understood what people see in him, I am aware that Ben Affleck (and the thought of his nude butt) drives many people crazy. So this, all you Affleck-heads, is your lucky day.
After the jump, see NSFW stills from an older (Reindeer Games) and a newer (Hollywoodland) Affleck film, where Ben is thin and then thick, which is sure to please somebody out there.

From Reindeer Games. Click to enlarge.
And an older, chunkier Ben in Hollywoodland. View the clip here.
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    I like he’s tasty. Too bad we can’t have Matt naked too!

    I really like Affleck and think he is quite sexy, even in his thicker days

    this isnt spam but i couldnt tip u cause i dont know how to use microsoft outlook but check this guy out hes gay and fucking hilarious http://www.youtube.com/user/xxJohnIzNsanexx

    He’s super hot!

    talking about Ben Affleck check this photo:
    Ben Affleck

    I’d put my tongue there.

    He’s also on he internet in a video jacking off and you CAN tell it’s him, since its a CLEAR closeup of EVERYTHNG. I’m not going to say where because I don’t want it taken down. Everyone who’s found it thinks Jen filmed it at their home. (PS searching for it through a search engine doesn’t work, I tried that after I found it!) Let the search begin, so-to-speak lol

    Omg he’s so hot and sexy..his butt is way big..how big his dick will be and how sexy,attractive..Fantasising abt him is driving me crazy..just love him..wish he were gay

    After chris hemsworth and hugh jackman he’s the man who has driven me crazy..damn hot hunk

    Girl Gone
    Will you have the pic of ben affleck’s quick dick pic? The advertised it but it was too quick I couldn’t focus to see it. But Neil Patrick Harris OMG hot ass and nice sweet uncut peen. Would love to see that sweet piece in a still.

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