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!! Canadian PM Stephen Harper loves kittens !!

Trying to soften his image a bit, blue-eyed Conservative monster-of-a-Canadian-prime-minister Stephen Harper has taken to having photo ops with kittens and endorsing the Humane Society.
His little cat Cheddar is very cute, but I’m still not convinced that Harper isn’t a scary deathbot. (Thanks to Jeffrey for the tip!)




    He’s about to eat the kitten.

    He may love his cat, but he is reponsible for the canadian seal slaughter and the humane society in this country has had to go so far as to encourage boycotts of canadian products to get him to outlaw killing those babies – and he still has not done it!!

    no no, he eats babies

    It’s already illegal in Canada to kill seal pups.

    aww i think that it is so cute that steven harper is takeing care of the little kittens he is so nice.awwww:)

    :):( why do people think you eat babys???

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