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!! OMG, he’s naked: Crown Prince Frederik !!

This is a bit out of the norm for !! omg blog !!, since probably very few of you know who this guy is, but I thought we could all use a bit of royal wiener this cold Monday afternoon.
He may not be famous to you, but Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark is royalty! And that makes these candid photos of him peeing off a yacht that much more exciting (and regal). Plus he is cute.
See them after the jump (NSFW)

Click to enlarge.
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    He is not cute at all…his face is misshapen or something, like his mom squeezed too hard when his head came out of her uterus or something.

    Specially you Americans have a good look at the Danish Prince’s peen,so see how a fat uncut one looks like!

    I think His Royal Highness might just have wanted the whole world to view his royal uncircumcized fat cock and let us see that he could piss with it, just like the rest of us. At the same time, how wonderful for Her Royal Highness, the Princess Mary, to have the comfort of it every night

    wow, i have always a HUGE crush on Prince Frederik and after seeing this pic…wow
    i love him even more than i did b4. Nice package your highness.

    Really darling, how crass snapping pics of a man peeing. Really.

    its unbelievable……..

    OOH… I like that.. cute too!

    ooh it looks fat! yum-o your highness! LOL

    We in Australia love Prince Freddy and his lovely Tasmanian wife, Mary. They met in a bar in during the Sydney Olympics. It is a real life fairy tale, a kindergarten teacher aussie girl becoming Danish Royalty. And they are the most lovely couple.

    That’s our boy! (Sir).

    heh. That’s the first time I see the ‘thing’. The danish tabloids put black bars over the royal assets. but, seriously, he’s just taking a leak…

    Hot, but not the hottest of the scandinavian princes. Norway’s got Haakon who I find much cuter and more scandinavian-y. Of course, doubtful you’ll find any pictures like these of him.

    that is so yummy he is so cute and peeing is even better


    very nice Frank!

    is he related to bernardo?

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