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!! OMG, his shorts: Cristiano Ronaldo !!

(Image Source. Click to enlarge)
Although it seems a rather uncomfortable way to play sports, it appears that Portuguese soccer sex symbol Cristiano Ronaldo does not wear a jock during matches; either that or he fell out. Take a look at the above photo and you decide.

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    oh come on … you gotta be able to find a nude of that 🙂
    And since when is he a sex symbol?

    OMG… that is so nice… I want to reach between his legs…lol

    Well that made my day 🙂

    It looks like the guy in the white just spanked him and enjoyed it lol

    I would love to play with him. He would be the cutest btm boy for me…

    Yes, he’s really gorgeous. Would love to play with him… Hope he keeps showing us stuff on and off the field…

    hi Cristiano you are so cute you are the best layer on man u i hope you get this and reply again you are the best and i really LOVE you a lot
    love elianna

    omg you have to be kidding he is a sex symbol with a small cock like that hahaha his dick is tiny mines way bigger

    Nope. That’s not his cock. Look at the shorts. Too long.

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