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!! OMG, they’re naked: Footballers getting massaged !!

I often wax romantic about the gigantic buttcheeks of French rugby players, but nothing quite captures the essence of what I’m talking about better than when those very cheeks are being manhandled (i.e. massaged by two old men) in the locker room. Watch the NSFW video after the jump for the full experience of footballers Emmanuel Petit and Bixente Lizarazu lying face down for the cameras.

(via Dreamcaps)

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    I’m a massage therapist. And it cracks me up how this old man, is looking away and pretending he’s so nonchalant about working this guys glutes and jsut using 1 hand. There IS no ONE hand stroke in massage. I wish these other players would shut the f up and the camera would just zoom in on this icred ass. This ass should have it’s own show.

    sigh – so beautiful

    That is an exceptional Ass! I would gladly pay to massage that…can we use things other than our hands?

    the name of this site is so perfect because everytime i look at these pics…i think oh my god.
    i just want to remind people, if you love this site as much as i do…make sure you go vote for it on the link listed above.
    frank is 1000 times more important to homo internet surfers than perez hilton could ever be.
    jack jett

    Funny, that’s a Belgian tv channel (where I’m from). Over here it’s no big deal when a bare butt appears on screen. It’s almost daily routine!

    Thats is really sweet … Footballers sure do have the best asses! Great blog by the way you have our vote for sure!

    Wow … to be graced with an ass like that!
    wow … o … wow

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