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!! OMG, how delicious: The Octo-Stacker !!

As this guy tries to order an “octo-stacker” from Burger King (eight patties on one bun), the girl at the counter has a priceless reaction.
It seems at first like the octo-stacker might not be possible, but with the help of a plucky restaurant manager, the man in fact “has it his way” and then we get to watch him eat it. And keep eating it…

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    At our Burger King, you can ask for as many patties on a burger as you want; one guy got ten. As long as you can pay, you can get whatever you want.

    Seriously though, I felt my arteries clogged up just watching this video…

    Totally. I had a flashback, blacked out, awoke and this angry tirade (which I totally stand by) was posted in your comments box.

    Kevin, I feel this video hit a nerve in you!

    is the “quad stacker” a real thing? REALLY??

    your the fucking loser, Kevin you bitch

    I hate fucking fast food restaurant customers. They’re so cheap and indignant and it’s like they get some sort of sick thrill from annoying some poor woman who’s making $6 an hour taking orders from irate, fat losers. You heard her, “You can’t have it, now FUCK OFF!” If you’re eating at Burger King, you’re a fucking loser.

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