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!! OMG, how touching: The Pampered Prisoner !!

The Pampered Prisoner is your one-stop site for inmate correspondence and more. You can even find gay inmates (like Brandon, pictured above). Some of them are serving life sentences, so you can only be penpals, but others… well, the possibilities are endless. (via Graydon Sheppard)

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    just an update on WD’s comment… the website is still in operation. they have just stopped accepting new prisoners. meaning you CAN look at the current profiles and write to the people that are on there, there will just be no new additions.

    I actually have a prison penpal! He’s not gay, but he’s darn cute 😀 It’s pretty interesting stuff. Just make sure you get a PO box before you starting exchanging letters 😉

    Alas ~ Your link has come a little late – the top posting on the site announces that it has ceased operation … 🙁

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