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!! OMG, please vote: March Gayness Championship !!

I really can’t believe that my humble little blog bested gay juggernaut Towleroad in the Final Four round of The Malcontent’s March Gayness. I owe it all to you guys for helping me get to the final championship round where I am facing Joe.My.God.
Quite a match-up: Oh My God vs. Joe My God. The Joe or the Oh? Who will come out on top? Please help make sure it’s me by voting for !! omg blog !! right here!
If you do, I promise I won’t make you vote in any silly contests for a good long while! You do want me to win the grand prize (pictured above), don’t you? xoxo Frank

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    Sorry – I cant vote on this. I read you two both equally – in my mind its a draw.

    I think it’s crazy you’re competing against a guy that has a totally different blog idea. The only thing grouping you together is the fact you’re both super gay.
    I hope you win. Politics is nice and all, but this site is funny and upbeat! Cheers to OMG!

    Well done!

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