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!! OMG, still flawless: Kylie Minogue !!

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Is there ever a time when pop sensation Kylie Minogue does not look completely fantastic? Here she is on her way to go shopping at Chanel in London.
I have no doubt that her new album, slated to come out this year (the follow-up to her 2003 masterpiece “Body Language”) is going to impress as much as her dress.

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    I think the next Scissor Sisters record should be filled with Kylie Minogue songs instead of Bee Gees ones.
    Body Language “bland”? You obviously have never listened to it.

    That dress washes her out.
    I’m glad she is growing out her hair and hasn’t jumped on the crappy hair extension bandwagon (ie: britney spears).
    I hope her album is filled with Scissor Sister songs, not bland crap like from Body Language.

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