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!! OMG, he’s naked: James Franco !!

You can see James Franco on the big screen right now in Spider Man 3, but if his spandex “Goblin” outfit doesn’t quite do it for you, you should check out the photos after the jump [NSFW], which show Mr. Franco wearing much less in earlier film appearances, including James Dean, Whatever It Takes, and Sonny.

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From Whatever It Takes:
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    james is very hot and sexy

    OMG!!!! I love James!!!


    I don’t think he’s a womanizing asshole. He’s been with the same girl (Ahna O’Reilly? not sure how to spell) for 4 years. And before that, I think he was with another girl for at least that long also.

    But he has yellow teeth – ugh.

    he has THE sweetest ass i’ve ever seen!!!!
    i wanna bite into it.

    Now U can pick a new messiah. Why? It’s in my books; the books i own (at least). I travel lite.

    I’m brazilian too
    but, its man is very beautiful
    Oh Gosh!!!
    I adore he!

    He is just so fucking gorgeous, i’m so sadly in love with him that every night i fantasize about him, not sexually, but like emotionally. But you can’t exactly be in love with someone you don’t know and have never met, I think for me it’s more the IDEA of him and the characters he plays. Plus he’s just so fucking sexy, like the perfect male species. He looks so innocent, but really bad at the same time. Sadly, I believe he is truly a womanizing asshole in real life. But hey, since I’m not a millionaire or an actress etc. theres no chance of him ever even glancing my way, so I’ll just enjoy my thoughts for the rest of my life.

    he is so hot, im so totally in love with him

    i love James Franco…
    I think he’s so FREAKIN HOTT!!!!

    ohhhh that is so hot he have nice ass and nice body to..i love him so much 🙂

    I’m braziliannnnnnnnn
    Esse homem ainda me mata!!!!

    Nice ass… I want to see his pickle…

    Holy GOD, Franco never looked so hotttt!! WHOOOHOOO!!!

    Thanks, Frank! These are HOTTT!

    He’s so cute in whatever role he takes. And the latest news has him overshadowing tobey in spiderman 3.

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