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!! Boy Band Blind Item !!

It’s more than 90% likely that the boy band described in this blind item is unknown to anyone outside the U.K., but it’s still fun to speculate, no?
From popbitch:

Members of this ex boy-band have revealed that they used to enjoy groupie orgies on their tour-bus as some of the band were too young to legally go to bars and clubs.

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    It’s like the tree falling in the forest thing, unless there was a camcorder, does it really matter?

    “Orgy” didn’t necessarily imply that there was any gay sex going on…

    Take That?


    OMG!! Who?!?

    Frank, do you know which band it is?

    Ahh yes, i see you’re a member of Popbitch now, good work they throw awesome parties and the chick that runs it is a legend!!! Rock on LONDON!

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