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!! Escape your cell phone contract !!

With the Apple iPhone launching tomorrow, it’s likely that many non-AT&T customers will be looking to get out of their existing one million year long contracts with other carriers. Wired has some creative tips for doing just that, such as:

Move to the boonies
It’s pretty simple to register a change of address with most carriers. Change your address to an area your cell carrier doesn’t have service, then call and complain about not getting reception. Contractually, if a service provider can’t offer access in a given area, the contract is null and void.
Odds of success: 5-to-2

(via FunFriends)
Once you’re out of your contract, then all you need to is pony up $500 and wait in line all night at an Apple Store. Worth it?

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    Oh come on, give Frank a break here. You go Frank!! Great advice!!!

    OK Mr. Smarty Pants law student,
    I recommend nothing, only provide information researched by a magazine far more reputable than this blog!

    How ironic that the same blog that availed itself of copyright and trademark law just a week ago is now recommending fraud and tortious interference with contracts.

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