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!! Iman to host ‘Project Runway: Canada’ !!

She’s not Canadian, but supermodel Iman is super hot, super dynamic and will hopefully make Project Runway: Canada more entertaining.
Finally, Canadian producers have set aside their obsession with promoting the ever-elusive Canadian national identity in favor of creating good television. I hope this trend will continue (you hear me, Tricia Helfer? If you ever set foot off Battlestar Galactica and show up on any of my reality shows ever again, I’m writing a crank letter to the network. I don’t care how Canadian you are).

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    I don’t know — IMHO my Canadian neighbors tend to be much better at making reality shows… US steals everything from UK and Canada anyway — and make them worse — it’s about time that we “give” something back.

    Is this a promo photo from Project Runway? Iman would hate the lighting!

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