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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, he’s naked: Richard Gere !!

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves how hot famous Hollywood stars were when they were younger. I have some classic Richard Gere for you after the jump, including his goods in clips and stills from American Gigolo and Breathless [NSFW].

Click to enlarge. Download video from American Gigolo here.
Not sure where this still is from, but it’s amusing and hot:
And if you’re wondering how Mr. Gere and his goods have aged, here you go:
(Video Source. Image Source)

(Click for more nude male celebs)




    When I was growing up, Breathless would always come on TV and somehow I always tuned in during the scene where he’s showering and turns full frontal toward the camera (you don’t have the image here). As a child, I remember thinking that he had a small dick. Nowadays, I could care less, but he should’ve got naked in Bee Season because that movie fucking sucked.

    Yummy. Definitely was hot in his day.

    He’s in the water in Sweden and yet his dick hasn’t shrunk up.
    The last pic is also from American Gigilo

    The “amusing” photo is actually also from “American Gigolo”. It was the scene where he was hanging from a bar doing upside-down situps, thus the ankle things.

    He’s still a hottie!

    The naked girl behind Richard in that playgirl pic is CIndy Crawford, he was dating her at the time.

    That is NOT Cindy Crawford.
    It is LENA OLIN, a Swedish actress who´s made several Hollywood movies. Lately she was the mother in Casanova.
    Still, Richard is HOT…
    I like older guys and would do him at any time :-))

    nice pics

    Um, the girl behind him is *not* Cindy, it’s a Swedish girl who got interviewed in a local newspaper about her presumed “relationship” with Gere and she was very embarrassed about it too, poor thing.

    wow..gere is the hottest male celebrity…one of the hottest celebrities of his generation..its good to see him in his birthsuit…

    very very sexy

    what no gerbils?

    He’s one of the worst actors in the movie industry.

    I agree, very fit and dreamy looking in “American Gigolo” and “Breathless”, though he also gives some erotic gazes in “Days of Heaven”, though I don’t think he’s au naturel in that one.

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