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!! OMG, how gassy: Holly Valance !!

Australian superstar singer Holly Valance (Wikipedia entry for those of you who don’t know her) made use of her own natural body rhythms for the remix of her hit song “Kiss, Kiss.”
The name of the remix? Isn’t it obvious? (via Feyfriends)

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    Isn’t she in that new stupid Dead Or Alive (the video game, not the group) movie? I tend to think if you’re going to appear in a B movie, your musical career is probably not going stellar.
    I liked the song though — I used to like her version the best. Sans the farts, of course.

    Superstar? Holly Valance? Those two do not go together. I am Australian and she hardly rates a mention here anymore

    Man this is such old news its probably over 5 years old now… her problem with her career was taking her clothes off too soon, once you go almost naked what is left???

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