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!! OMG, how talented: Tandi Iman Dupree !!

UPDATE: Video embedding has been disabled, but you can still watch it on YouTube here.
Tandi Iman Dupree gave the performance of her life in the 2001 Miss Black America drag pageant. You only need to wait about ten seconds to see what I’m talking about, but make sure you watch through to the end as the amazing moments never stop. (via Lady Bunny)
Maybe the Miss America pageant wouldn’t have to keep switching networks from low ratings if the talent portion of the show went more like this!
From what I understand, Ms. Dupree’s performance (and name) are a tribute to Texan drag superstar Tandi Andrews, who died of AIDS in 1999. Watch Ms. Andrews do Wonder Woman at the 1994 Miss Nationals drag pageant after the jump.

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    Thank God for duct tape…I have no idea how else that wig stayed on.

    So nice to see that Isaiah & Wesley are working again.


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