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!! OMG, I’m moving! !!

I wanted to do some pre-posting last night, but there was just too much to do, so I can only ask that you wish me luck with moving apartments today and I’ll see you all on Monday, hopefully on a much better Internet connection. xo Frank

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    You moved and didn’t tell me? Well, now your birthday card will definitely be late…

    Good Luck! I hope you hired some hot movers!

    Moving is no fun.
    Hope everything goes well!

    OMG! I’m also moving this weekend in Toronto…
    Let’s share our stories! jajajaajaj

    Best of luck

    Holy crap, is that you? If so, I have a whole new idea for the “OMG, he’s naked…” section!! 😀

    Good luck moving!
    Did that 6 months ago. Still got things lost and boxes full of I-don’t-remembers.

    Good luck Frank! My Bulldog and my Pug will think good thoughts for you…

    Have a great move and an awesome weekend!
    Hope you’re using movers!

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