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!! ‘Gimme More’ Britney !!

New Britney Spears single alert. It’s called “Gimme More”, and it’s good! Even if she’s biting Kylie a bit.

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    I love this song
    I dont think it sounds anything like Kylie’s music though

    I think the song is great, although I assume she didn’t write it…is it a good representation of a great singer?…nope…it is a great representation of a good mixer

    I like the first three seconds.
    “It’s Britney, bitch.”
    After that, not so much.

    I love the song, but after the second chorus it kind of tails off, like it was unfinished. I still love it though.
    I think its funny though how in society we can totally hate a celebrity, like Britney, but as soon as she releases new music she’s great again. Shes still messed up to me, she just has a great record company who can buy the best songs for her.

    Sure it’s good. If by good you mean recorded by a $5 hooker in a phonebooth using a Casio keyboard.

    OMG!!!! Britney totally rocks.. I still love ya Brits, even though you are crazier than a shithouse rat….


    I love it!!! I hope she performs it at the VMA’s….that’d be hot!

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