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!! The new Marc Jacobs !!

Designer Marc Jacobs has an all-new bod and possibly an all-new face for his first-ever naked Out magazine cover. How did he get it all? According to him, by stripping food from his diet and exercising one million hours a day. It makes you wonder when he has time to “design” anything. (via PEN15 Club)

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    are you guys serious?
    that man is so freakin HOT!!
    especially his face

    Marc Jacobs looks great but I don’t like his gaunt face now.

    Hot body, ugly face.

    Sorry, but I find those photos (and the ones on OUT’s website, too) totally horrible. He looks like a crack addict. Maybe that’s how he lost all the weight. Makes me what to gag when I look at him.

    love the clothes and love the bod
    don’t think he had surgery though

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