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!! OMG, how greasy: Hilary Duff !!

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Hilary Duff is the new face of Vaseline. It keeps her nice and shiny. Ew.

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    ZZZZZ not very greasy to me.

    yeah, not greasy at all. i think she looks great.

    Not greasy? It’s as though she has a diner on her face.

    OMG, your blog is BORING!

    dude, she was greasy before she was the face of vaseline lol

    Not really qreasy. Just well moisturized skin, you stupid blogger. Not an OMG one, zzz.

    what do you mean, it’s a GREAT shot.
    Ok, so maybe some airbrushing, but she looks GREAT

    hey i like hilary duff! shes HOT!! and she isnt greasy there ur just overexagerating

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