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!! OMG, it’s broken: My laptop !!

Hey everybody, I’m out of town with a broken laptop. I’m typing this at Kinko’s, where I’m probably getting ebola virus from touching the filthy keyboard, so I hope you appreciate how much I care about all of you.
Probably no posts today, but I’m hoping to be up and running by tomorrow!
xo Frank

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    as a part time worker at kinko’s and full time student, i would like to say that im sure that keyboard isn’t that bad. although, i would never touch that filthy thing that the poor people get on bec their lease to own computer got reposessed. g rose.

    LOL. Lord Frank. Can’t even take a break 🙂

    Computer problems can be the most annoying things around. It drives me psycho.

    OMG, you love us so much! Thank you! : )

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