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!! OMG, new Britney album: ‘Blackout’ !!

Britney Spears‘s new album Blackout comes out next week, but you can listen to the whole thing now over at MuchMusic.com.
Some initial observations:
1. Almost every song on the album is in a minor key.
2. Yes, there really is a song called “Get Naked (I Got a Plan)”
3. Britney raps more than once (on track 7 “Freakshow” and track 8 “Toy Soldier”)
4. One of the lyrics from track 9 “Hot as Ice” is “Holla if ya hear me. Can I get a witness?”
5. No ballads and only one slow song (last track), so put on your dancin’ shoes.

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    NOT EVEN if I was PAID to listen!!

    there is a couple of good songs on her album but i was expecting better realy like piece of me thoug probs the best song on the album


    I think this album is a waste of time. Was looking forward to something with the great Timbaland all the beat on the album are bland nothing that I would immediately click replay for. Would have like to see some ballads or slow jams!
    Oh, and her voice has definitely changed! Bit huskier, must be all that drunk..

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