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» OMG, more nude male celebs!

!! OMG, he’s naked: Kevin Bacon !!

Not even at the scariest movie have I experienced such synchronized movie theater screaming as when I saw Wild Things at age 18 and Kevin Bacon turned around in the shower scene.
See what all the NSFW fuss is about after the jump.

Click to enlarge.
(Thanks to CB for the images!)

(Click for more nude male celebs)




    Too bad it wasn’t Matt Dillon though!

    Welcome back Frank 🙂
    Kevin Bacon is hot, but there’s another movie in which we can see him naked: the hollow man!

    I remember this scene…I thought he and Matt were going to kiss. Way hot.

    Kevin’s hot

    i love his ass its perfect. His cock is nice too!!

    That guy in the shower looks nothing like Kevin Bacon, I’m sorry this is a body double and they cut to a close up shot of Bacon’s face. That would explain why the face looks so steamy here. I’m just saying.

    kevin has a pretty doodle.

    Kevin’s Bacon. yum.

    this is not a body double ..Kevin Bacon did an interview and said that he requested it be in the film b/c matt got the 3some

    I remember seeing it in a theater and everyone let out shocked sounds when Kevin showed it all. Like they had never seen a naked Male before.
    I think audiences aren’t used to seeing males nude in cinema but you always get a breast shot of a Woman.

    Ha he has a small weenie 8=D

    This. my 1st time here..:-) show me something excited!!

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