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!! OMG how pretty: Blooming tea !!

Now that you’re shaking in fear after having the shit scared out of you by those awful bugs, maybe you’d like a cup of tea? And pretty dancing flowery blooming tea at that.
These special teas are hand-made and come in tons of different forms – some reveal a string of jasmine, some burst snowy particles into the tea, and so on. They start out as little pods that open up and put on a show as they steep in a glass pot.
Check out a video of the different teas blooming after the jump.

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    These Primula Teas are sold at Target. You get 12 different flowers for $15. I think they also sell a smaller variety. I gave them out as gifts for July 4th. It was a big hit.

    …available at Williams-Sonoma. comes with tea and teapot. not sure of the price. i think it’s about $35.

    These have been around for centuries.

    Those are actually pretty good… I think I had seen them for like, 50 cents each before. The only thing is you need a proper clear-glass pitcher to put them in, which I lack.

    $20 bucks for 6 of them. Could be worse, but still too steep for a drink of mine! :o) I keep getting this image of sipping from the pitcher and it attacks my nose! (Remember those critter movies?)

    Didn’t this come out, like, 4 years ago?

    Cool, but I don’t even want to know how much they cost.

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