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!! OMG, how superior: Penelope !!

I had never seen Kristin Wiig‘s “Penelope” character on Saturday Night Live, but now that I have I can say it’s the funniest thing since “Taco Town.”
Watch the new Penelope skit with Molly Shannon:

(via Tall Freak and Bad Shape)
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    I personally prefer her Target Cashier and her A-hole “You look like a rabbit.” characters more. But my favorite performance of Wiig was when she appeared at the end of “My Super Sweet Sixteen” spoof:
    “Daddy… WHY won’t Shakira wrestle an alligator?! She’s acting like a total immigrant!”

    I don’t watch SNL often simply because it isn’t what it used to be. When I tune in its usually to try and catch Penelope (and Amy doing the Weekend Update)

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