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!! OMG it’s heaven: Britney + Ace of Bass !!

Please tell me it’s real! It could be that chick from American Idol who does “vocal impersonations” – but it sounds just crappy enough to be Britney.
I know what I’m doing tonight…I’ve got my tights, wig, hot water bottle (for the pregnant belly), and video camera ready – I just have to get to the liquor store and pick up some Wild Vines Zinfandel and we’ve got the recipe for a music video!

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    It’s an Ace Of Base song, but it’s Brit singing — for all the snaps we give her about not being able to sing, the bitch’s got a fairly distinctive voice — and drastically different from the lead singer of AOB.

    Definitely Ace Of Base.

    I dunno…I think it sounds an AWFUL LOT like Brit.
    Coincidence that the ‘loids are reporting that she wants another baby?

    I don’t think Britney could sing even this well, nope. (And I think it’s “Ace of Base,” right? Not “Ace of Bass?” I know, nit-picky, sorry.)

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