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!! OMG, how famous: International Recording Artist Nicole !!

Our national anthem as performed by “International Recording Artist Nicole.” Full of freeflowing unintentional keychanges, she wrings the life out of every last note. “Nicole, everybody!!”

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    Hi Andrew, we’re looking for it, too! It’s such a good one. If you find any leads, please let us know. xo Frank

    Does anybody know what happened to this clip?! It was a favorite of mine and i haven’t seen it anywhere in years!

    OMG! She should be banned INTERNATIONALLY! LOOOL. Looove this blog btw! 🙂

    That’s what happens when you give a porn star a microphone – Her old habits kick in and she tries to deep throat it while making high-pitch climaxing sounds which she prefers to call “singing”.

    ….not to mention the odd swapping of prepositions.

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